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  1. Hi there. I've just downloaded the mod and am finding it confusing where everything goes. I have download the mod and have a 'Mods' folder with 3 folders and and a 'Data' folder. I have taken a copy of the game and saved outside of Steam. Apologies for the long post but this is where I think everything goes: Mods>zzz_SpenserMansion_JPLocalization = this should stay within the 'Mod' folder in the newly created save of the game Mods>SpencerMansion_World_and_Prefabs = World - goes into the worlds folder with all other generated worlds. Prefabs - delete existing prefab folder and replace with this one. ModInfo.xml - [I have no idea where this goes] Mods>Khelldon-CustomMenu = this should stay within the 'Mod' folder in the newly created save of the game Data>Config = this replaces the config folder in the newly created save of the game. I would be grateful for clarification that I have this correct as, I have just tried to start a new gamesave and I got stuck at building environment (like for 10 mins), before i force shut it down. Many thanks
  2. Hi there, that's great news. I tried to find you on discord @SkyHigh12#3237, but couldn't find you. What about you trying to find me BigAl#5554.
  3. Hi there, I'm looking to see if there's anyone (or a group of people) primarily in UK/Europe (only due to timezone, but open to all other) who would be interesting in joining me and a friend in a 2 x 2 PvP play through (idea taken from PartiallyRoyal paythrough series on YouTube). Finals rules can be tweaked but idea being that there are two teams of two (or three teams of two if there is enough interest) who are hunting each other in a 4k RGW vanilla map. Rules as follows: * Each team would have 6 lives (ie, three each) - only way to lose a life is by human * If you die to zombies no life lost but you need to share the coords that you died at before moving from your respawn spot to retrieve backpack * No bikes/vehicles allowed * No scopes bigger than x2 * No use of hunter mod * No land claims * Go on a discord call between 2200 until 0400 to try and find out/give dis-information on location!! * Loot respawn every 3 days If your interested and able to play for a few hours over a few consecutive weekends (perhaps 2/3 hours on Sat and Sun) to move the game along, please let me know.
  4. Just to up date you, I restored my save game from the day before and completed the quest again, and this time it produced the Trader to go and finish complete it. So all is now well. Thanks.
  5. Thanks. Ill wonder round to the other traders and see if I've just not visit the one. I've just been round to them all and still not been able to complete the quest - just for clarification it the completion of the quest after kill 125 animals with compound bow. Tks
  6. Hi there, I've downloaded and playing the starter class mod, which I'm enjoying a lot and have just finished the archery quest, where I now need to go and visit the trader - quest title "Hunter Quest Trader 3". Unfortunately it doesn't provide me with details of which trader I need to go and visit. I have visited 3 of the 5 that I have found on my map, but still not able to finish the quest. Is this a bug or can anyone provide some advice on how I complete it. Many thanks.
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