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  1. So if I did a server reset but wanted to save a certain build area or region, would I be able to take that building or built area into a new server wipe? If so, how?
  2. When the land claim block is set to invulnerable offline, and someone hasn't signed on beyond the decay time, the land claim block is still invulnerable. Is that how it's supposed to be?
  3. dude I t hink I know what it is. The default SCSI controller is LSI Logic SAS, paravirtual can handle a much high IO load. I am going to swtich the controller and see what happens.
  4. Also what is your setup for your 7 days server, if you don't mind me asking.
  5. I am wondering if the Data store from ESXI seven days doesn't handle well. As HyperV is direct to storage.
  6. That pretty much cements my theory that 7 Days server doesn't like VM/Esxi and WIndows. People have been having good results with Proxmox and Linux.
  7. I got 4 SSDs in Raid 10 now, so that shouldn't even be close to an issue now.
  8. That's the only thing I can think of, it doesn't like the VM. Because nothing else makes any sense. I may have to check this: It's VT-d. It helps the host system communicate correctly with the CPU going through a VM. I am going to try this late tonight. It just seems weird to me that the CPU is sitting so low on percentage. You triggered my memory on these two options, it has to be the VM, as Thunder is running it on Baremetal, as he said in the beginning.
  9. Dude the server is still going to down to 13FPS with like 7 people onm. This is making no sense at this point, even with the SSDs. Is it that it doesn't like VM's? Like wtf is going on, it's so damn frustrating.
  10. What does the -nographics argument do?
  11. Hmm interesting, why is there such a huge deal writing to RAM, compared to a hd/ssd though?
  12. Also what are other hardware issues you have had, because you had good performance with your older chipset cpus. So most likely this is all Hard drive issues, and if so, why isn't this game caching the items it uses from the hard drive to memory. It's acting like a SQL database.
  13. It's basically almost equal on performance, the 10K RAID beats but like a few megs. I got SSD's on the way. I increased the CPU's to 12 on the server, that brought up the performance, but the CPU utilization is at like 2%. I have a feeling it's the drives that are the bottleneck at this point because I can see how much I/O is going through it from the 7 days server through the performance monitor. So we'll see when they arrive.
  14. What specifics do you want to know though. They are 12 - Dell 600GB 10K drives in a RAID 10, off the RAID card in the PowerEdge R720. What's a good program to test the i/o, because I am running it through a VM/datastore, so won't really get an accurate reading.
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