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  1. Can you load MOD's onto your dedicated servers? How does that work?
  2. Dude... I am a Network Engineer. I am well aware what RDP is and Windows Task Scheduler. You aren't understanding what I am saying here. I am good.
  3. It's easier if I need to restart the server itself, so when windows comes back it auto starts the server. I already found my workaround. You can administer the server easily through TELNET/Putty. So the console is really not necessary. But thanks for the help!
  4. I run my dedicated server on a Dell PowerEdge under an ESXI VM, with Windows 2019. I was just curious if it was even realistic to run it under a service. I can do an easy work around, for an autologin/shell:startup/then auto lock. I was just curious if the server minds running as a service. I am well aware how to create a Service under windows, or using NSSM to do things easier. Sorry I didn't make myself clearer in my initial message.
  5. I would liek if I actually have to resart my Windows VM, then the server can start as a service. Usually BAT files don't play nice with a Windows Service, anyone figure out a way to do it?
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