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  1. Nevermind on the storage, figured it out, had to pick it up and place it back down again.
  2. Also: Do i need to build a new vehicle if i want to increase its capacity? changing the loot container ID on the Marauder for instance doesnt change how many slots it gave me, just their arrangement.
  3. so i looked at the vanilla loot xml, and maybe im just too much of a noob at this but i cant clearly see any value that states what size the various loot capacities are and am a bit lost... Just so i can make sure im understanding you correctly: I need to change the LootListAlive value to the one that i want? is that an ID? is that a calculation? does 931 mean 9 slots 3 rows 1 time? did you mean for me to change that to 10,9? (it broke when i did that last one, probably for reasons that are obvious to many others) Also on my previous question about vehicle sounds: i had tried to copy the buggy sounds over to a few other vehicles that were glitching for me but im not sure if i did it right since it made all of the vehicles unusable and have obscenely bright lights... again i have reverted everything to where they were before but what lines in the XML do you mean when you said "gear nodes" and where should i copy from and paste to for other vehicles? is there a reason why some have accell and decell commands and others do not? what are the parts for the BDRM? i tried crafting one but i havent been able to find the recipies, i have grease monkey 5 so it should be unlocked if its craftable
  4. Sorry if this has been asked before, but does this mod work on PREGEN03?
  5. @bdubyah How would i adjust the vehicle storage capacity if i wanted to?
  6. are you running the server app or just hosting the game directly?
  7. No problem, im notthe creator, just a fan! Quick question are you running a dedicated server or are you hosting it on your personal machine?
  8. I have almost all of the vehicles built from this mod and sitting around our huge 5 survivor base with no issues from any of our players. i dont think they are going to have an issue that would be any worse than what the default truck would cause.
  9. So something I noticed in the code for the default 4x4 is it has an accell command and a decell command, but only the Decell command is present on the hotrod code.
  10. This is exactly what i thought i should do, any tips on how and where to make the changes? I understand how the language works i just dont know where to look for the default sounds. I assume i would have to change the name of each sound i wanted changed in the modlet and then have everyone replace the mod with the one i teaked on their computers, correct? Also the Fuel thing may have just been a lag issue, sometimes if im too quick with lights they dont stay off if i leave the car suddenly, this may be what happened when fueling then picking up the truck right away. Thanks for your time, seriously
  11. if it helps youre welcome on my server but not sure if that will provide the info you need
  12. i have a few server sided mods Vedui42's Expanded Decorative blocks and Wireless PowerBox Ana Vehicle Respawner (for scrap vehicles) and Trader Refresh 1day all server sided except the BDubs Vehicles Pack, getting consistent results for all my players, playing on PREGEN03 on a 10k size Also happening wit the stallion i just found out
  13. @bdubyah Sorry if this has been covered before, but I am experiencing (as well as all of the players on my server) a couple of bugs with the vehicles mod pack. 1. bug with the audio on the Hotrod. it sounds like it is Idling the whole time it is being driven. Is there a fix for this? 2. if you pick up the hostess truck it deletes the gas it has in the tank. Running an alpha 19 dedicated server on g-portal Thanks for your time on this.
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