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    True Survival

    Ahh I see, I misunderstood that bullet point. Also, I wasn't clear. I craft a "Stone Axe", hunt it down in the skill tree, and it still shows 0/5. I'll reinstall the mod and see if it fixes it.
  2. CrazySteiner

    True Survival

    Hello, new to the mod and currently really enjoying it! However, I'm worried I may have installed something incorrectly. I used the 7D2D mod launcher to install. However, I noticed: Removed ability for stone axe to repair and upgrade. I can repair the stone axe. Additionally, when I craft new items the corresponding crafting skill remains at 0/5. Is improving crafting skills level blocked (still level 1)? Or is something wrong? Combat skills *do* level up properly. Looking to catch an installation issue before I get too far along. Thank you.
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