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  1. First off, sorry for the late reply, work's been killing me lately, haha But I can't seem to find the log I'm afraid. I even tried looking at my saves folder, as it holds even my deleted worlds, but it seems the seed and everything related to the world have been wiped from my pc, I'm sorry. If I ever experience it again, which I'm sure I will as I seem to be a bug magnet, I'll make another post describing it, maybe even trying to get it on film.
  2. It's not the antivirus, most likely it's indeed just Windows doing some background stuff I didn't know of, now that I think about it.
  3. Update: My world has been deleted, quite frustrating as it was a day 70 world without any deaths, but most of my other saved are alright.
  4. I was casually riding my motorcycle from a quick POI loot snatch when suddenly my game froze and closed itself. Seeing as riding motorcycles are buggy af and commonly send me a few hunderd meters up into the air out of nowhere I just assumed this crashed the game and went to restart it, however I found out that the whole game had suddenly deinstalled itself! I'm reinstalling as we speak, but this has never happened to me before. I went to check my disk space: 500GB of free space, so it couldn't have ran into a bug that I'm out of free space. Does anybody know how this happened? PS: when the game has finished reinstalling I'll check if all of my saves are intact, if I can join the world alright, etc.
  5. So when jumping and using the sledge turret at the same time (this one being a T4 w/out any mods) you suddenly spin around uncontrollably... Not even in the normal way you can use your mouse, but more as if your were in a snowglobe, being shaken from side to side. The only way to get out of this glitch is by reconnecting to the world. I have not tried this in a server with other players, so I'm unsure if the avatar moves along as well, but it's still quite annoying... Also, sometimes your mouse is locked in position and you can't look around anymore. I'm not sure however about the specific requirements for this to happen. When stuck in this so called "spinning mode" you don't need to hold the sledge turret, or even use it to trigger another spin, you just need to jump. I've been testing this glitch to tell as much as I can, but tbh it's making me kind of dizzy and giving me a headache, so I'm not gonna keep testing. 2020-10-18_21-02-58.mp4
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