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  1. Dude you probably don't enjoy life. I on the other hand like to grind and get beaten up or even eaten every now and then. I support any game that can't get played by guys like you.
  2. Awesome Stuff.. Would like to see you guys making crafting a bit harder in the game. Like wood frames that uses nails and a crafting table , or hand craft can be like 200% slower. Concrete needs like water and bucket for each 100 or so. Smaller detail in crafting gear and weapons. And most important is to put weapons, Tools and gear degrade stats on. Fk its so boring running from day 35 with the same tier 6 shotgun and gear and Boom 1x repair kit and I'm good again. Transport can use more that A repair kit to jump from 50% durability to 100% So much i can think of. But never the Least BIG SHOUT OUT TO THE DEV TEAM
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