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  1. Hi, I love to build bases and stuff... My biggest wish would be more electronic stuff, like 2 Power in, 1 Power out Component, so you can combine 2 Solar Pannels with 1 Battery. And when 2 Power in Things are supported, I would like to see some logic gatter things... like an OR, AND, XOR, NAND... So you can make 2 switches, with an XOR, that triggers one light. Or a light will only turn on, when switch 1 AND switch 2 are powerd Is there a mod out there for something like that? I also would like to see this in the main game Another thing I dream of is a Condensator (Capacitor)... like a small Battery... You wire it like Generator -> Switch -> Condensator -> Light ... when you turn on the switch, light light goes on.... when you turn the switch off, the light stays on for 1 - 10 seconds (can be configurated) and gets the power from the condensator. Greetings Ausbrecher
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