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  1. hey there, yeah i'm playing solo in a navazgane map. i have these 2 output logs for today's gaming session where my truck lost all of it's inventory and suddenly another one appeared with the lost inventory in it. output_log__2020-10-16__01-53-40.txt output_log__2020-10-16__12-35-45.txt
  2. Hello everyone, New guy here, tried reading the pinned post for this issue I have but either I'm not looking well or probably on it's way being fixed or something. Anyhoo, love the game, have it both on the PC and PS4 (PC player now), well my issue is that sometimes when I move my vehicles like the truck or gyrocopter to explore the game, I come back and there's another copy of w/e vehicle I left in it's original spot. Not sure what is going on but recently I had filled my truck with loot to sell to the trader, went for a quest with another vehicle and I come back to check on my truck and everything in it is gone. Thought ok, drive it away from my base, might be a glitch or something, nope, nothing in it tho when I check it's inventory, i can see my items for a split second and its all empty. Now I go back to my base and I find another truck where my orignal truck was parked and I'm like what the hell...I check it's inventory and it has all my items that disappeared in my orginal truck...so yeah, I dunno. Don't need another truck or gyrocopter, not sure what is triggering a copy of them when I leave my base that's not on POI but on a clean ground where I have built a small fort on some hill and just adding stuff as I go along with the game. I have over 100 hours playing the game and this has happened twice already. Known issue or something new? p.s. love this game on pc, so much fun. 😁
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