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  1. I'm not entirely positive the gasoline tag actually did anything. First test was just changing that so that maybe the requirement would not key onto the power tools. When that failed to prevent new dysentery buffs i went back and looked again, then copied the holding item has tags text and did a search of that text in the vanilla buffs. Didn't see the ! used in that manner so i decided to try removing it. I see it used in lots of cvar instances but not that case on a requirement in an effect group not using modifycvar.
  2. I just fixed it. There was a ! in front of holdingitem has tags, and the tags were toolAnvil instead of gasoline. <effect_group tiered="false" name="Drink Tier 0"> <requirement name="NotHasBuff" buff="buffIsOnFire" /> <requirement name="HoldingItemHasTags" tags="gasoline"/> is what i changed it to.
  3. I love all of your mods i've used so far, Bad Medicine included. I'm curious if it was your intention for the gasoline effect to translate over to using power tools as well? It seems it considers reloading an auger or chainsaw and simply using them to harvest and treats them as a though you are triggering action 0 on holding gasoline, thereby gaining dysentery every time. I'd thought about seeing if i could add a tag to the buff or item to add a requirement not has tag tool or something to the triggered effect but can't seem to figure out the right way to implement it. Either way I will likely just make new buff that's a lowgrade annoying visual effect instead as though you were huffing gas instead of gaining dysentery. The rest of the mod is fantastic and working completely as intended i believe. That modification to the sewing needle use was genius. Such a perfect touch that makes so much sense. Love the dirty bandages as well. That makes way more sense to find in loot than what is effectively perfect doom quality med supplies every time. And that antibiotic bump to the good medical items was an awesome discovery as infection is more likely in Purgatory.
  4. Yeah, that's what my plan is. I'm planning on just packaging it with, and one for nitrogen and rwg. But i'm really thinking I want to abandon support for everything except kinggen, it's the best maps i've played on by far. And I don't need any features added for it to be that, making the local generation list is easy thanks to kinggen. A20 rwg is gonna have to be mindboggling if it wants to compete with this tool in quality.
  5. Idk about khaine or anyone else making overhauls, but would it be possible to insert our own Gdrive or Git links somewhere in the settings so we can put our own custom POIs in the same way as you are suggesting for the underground POIs, maybe with a way to note the linked POIs associate with different building types as well. It would be very cool if said link were appended to the POI list you choose from the drop down.
  6. I just saw you had updated this. I'll test it now and get back to you shortly.
  7. Purgatory Server-Side Overhaul Official Server Information This server runs the Purgatory Server-Side Overhaul Mod for Alpha 19.5 and uses a Compopack 47 and Vanilla prefab populated KingGen created map. Meaning the only mod you need to play on this server is the compopack 47 rwg mod. This mod is in version 1.0 and as such has much expansion planned ahead, as well as possible bugs to catch and report currently. Primary bugs remaining are missing icons. Please report any bugs you find on the discord purgatory bugs channel which you can find through the additional info link at the bottom of this post. All build restrictions have been lifted. Do what you need to do to survive out there. Horde Night is set to every 7 days. Horde Night Spawning set to 9 per player. 24 Hour Day set to 120 minutes. Daylight length is set to 16 hours in game, making night start at 2200 and end at 0600. This also means horde night runs until 0600. It doesn't affect trader times though, because they are always open, and most are not protected. Loot abundance and XP are set to 100%. Game Difficulty set to Adventurer for now. Will raise it when the average death rate drops and by popular vote of players active regularly. Server Name: Purgatory Overhaul Official Server Players: Up to 16 online at a time Connection Info: Password: ThinkItThrough Purgatory Overhaul Info: There are more zombies spawning and more types of zombies. There are baby animals and dire animals. There are mutant monster animals. There are also drones that will attack you. All zombies take less damage from body shots and more damage from headshots. Aim Accordingly. All zombies also have random HP, anywhere from vanilla values to +450HP. I added the HP bar so you could see how tough they are and how effectively you are hitting them. You're still probably going to die a lot. Especially considering invisible ice hazards and quicksand exist now randomly in appropriate biomes. Speaking of dying, bedrolls are no longer respawn points, but they can keep you from dying if you stand on one. That works for zombies too, and wears off when you attack. You can however wrench down any normal bed you find in a POI or just craft one, and when you place that bed it will function as a respawn point for you. And any time you do die, all your perks as well as books and recipes/schematics you have read will be reset. You get your perk points back into your unspent perk point pool, but the books are lost. This is why the Study Desk is important. (JUNE 18, 2021 UPDATE Bedrolls have returned as useable respawn points to counterbalance the new Twitch Powers of the vanilla zombies and vultures.) There are more lootable containers, and many now have a chance of being locked and needing to be lockpicked. And there are a handful of random working vehicles along roads out there to be found. If it's unlocked and has an empty storage, it's yours to take and use. There are 2 new traders, a cloned Jen and an Android Jen, both of which you can craft and then spawn into the world where you want them as part of the new late game crafting. The android will help improve your healing and critical injury healing times, but will also wander off if you leave the doors open. There are new quests, new quest types, even some Tier 6 quests available in the ReQuests Bulletin Boards. Tier 7 and above are in the works but not active in this version of Purgatory. There are new items, of every type, including dyes. There are no new painting textures, but you can craft every type of block in the game and the Dev Paintbrush (will be locked behind a book in a future mod version). You can now craft Tier 6 items, if you take the new perk that governs it, which is also the only way to craft higher than Tier 1 items of any type. There's also one new book series for the Stun Baton as well as a book series that doesn't give completion bonuses but does give tips on 7DaystoDie and a perk point when you read each one. As well there are books on the different combat skills which grant you a point in that skill when you read them. Many original books no longer get destroyed when reading them, instead leaving a read copy in your inventory you can give to others/sell or craft into Survivor Notes in the Study Desk. Do not scrap them unless you want paper. You can make special primitive workstations without a perk at the start of the game. They are slower and not great, but they are easier to make. When you look in the crafting inventory for the workbench, chemistry station, or forge, there should be a special version that is unlocked. There are many new Special Items that are currently loot only or if craftable it is only because they will be locked behind a mastery perk in a future mod version but still need finetuning in playtesting. Why would you want to make a workstation without a perk? Because the starting classes will give you relevant perks and attribute points when you complete the class challenge's 3 steps. They will also give you a bunch of starting equipment, make sure your inventory has plenty of space before opening the class starting chest or turning in any quests. For all you miners out there wondering what's in it for you. Well, firstly, nitrate mining is the only source of salt needed for all the sous chef perk recipes. Not exciting enough, I understand that. Would it excite you to know that there are now invisible veins of silver, gold, and diamonds? What does invisible mean? Well it just means the block will look like gravel or sand or clay terrain blocks or even sometimes stone blocks or wasteland terrain blocks, but when you hit them it will sound like hitting iron ore. They also have more HP than their apparent terrain block type. This means you harvest higher amounts of the vein type you are hitting - silver, gold, or diamonds. Not only that, but there are new perks to make your life easier. There's a lot more to learn about what's different in this overhaul. Including story to uncover. In this mod you take the role of a poor soul sucked into purgatory so that magejosh could escape it to warn his friends of something. He left you with some stuff to help, but either way you're now stuck here. Possibly dying over and over again until you can find your way out. If you need to get somewhere safe when you first login, type /lobby in the ingame chat. You will be teleported to a safe place, but it only works if you've killed at least one zombie. Magic has a cost. Additional Overhaul Tips and Server Info: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12K-YmXT7HhG-i1YOqVhlFghF8thggnN_SzZFJbEGWHA/edit?usp=sharing
  8. Can confirm it works as intended. If anyone wants tips on how to customize it's function for their server feel free to respond here or via DM.
  9. Apparently I am in fact a potato and was using an outdated download earlier. That link works like a charm, already seeing a nice infusion of your uma zombies without having them overload the spawning ratios with the vanilla and bosses. I can't thank you enough for everything you do. I'm also using the no bedrolls and reset skills on death mods. They really help make the theme of Purgatory come through in the playthroughs i've had while testing.
  10. Did you upload that working version anywhere? I've been working on a server side overhaul mod I'd love to include these in, and I can't seem to figure out what's causing the NRE's when I spawn in zombieChang. I'm already using the Snufkins Zombies, and MikePewPew's Server Side Zombies, and a couple of random remixes from Doughphungus, but I'd like to use these as well.
  11. That should do the trick. If it causes problems let me know.
  12. I just downloaded a fresh copy of the latest version of riles vanilla plus and it's already set to 20 minutes in there for animals, that code will be useful later in this comment. It's in entityclasses, TimeStayAfterDeath is the property name you want. And if you look, you will see that the zombie entities have had two properties appended to their entries, which govern the chance they turn into a corpse block of some sort when they despawn. What you will want to do, is add that TimeStayAfterDeath property with the time value you want in seconds right after the property called CorpseBlockChance. So 300 for 5 minutes, or 60 for 1 minute. <property name="TimeStayAfterDeath" value="60" /> That should work for what you're wanting. I used a mod called lams zombie harvesting perk and that's where i found the culprit for my problem, which was making the zombie's actual dead body to remain for 15 minutes before turning to a corpse block. On top of that i was using a headshots only mod which made harvesting corpes impossible if they didn't have a head. Riles here has it set so the zombies don't stick around past 10 seconds after death. They leave behind a corpse block that you can harvest from. If you don't want that, the easier method would be to disable the corpseblock chance by setting it to 0.
  13. I know i will be happy with whatever you make. You have a great mind and make cool stuff. I handled the problem with a lootable corpses mod that changes the timer to be 20 minutes. Well, and just set servertools to auto restart the server every 8 hours. Seems to keep things working pretty well. Because yeah, high zombie numbers is definitely a thing that makes the game seem more immersive and fun.
  14. Honestly, it's more that the function of the game itself can be resource intensive really quickly with how open the settings are depending on how you are hosting your server and how far from the devs intentions you take it with your game settings and what mods you use. It's easy to make your server unplayable really quickly if you don't know what you are doing. (Says the guy with more red flag emails from pingperfect than he wants to admit). For me it's been a fun learning experience. Thanks for all your work on this mod, once i installed 1.06 i never went back to playing without it, I consider it a major quality of life improvement. I look forward to updating to the new version on my next server reset.
  15. I saw something on 7daystodiemods where it said you might be looking for a way to prevent them from being placed near each other. The only mechanic i know of that works in that way is the bedrolls and land claims. I'd suggest duplicating the land claim and applying your board model and questing code to that. In that way, it will double as their land claim, and automatically prevent more from being placed nearer than the individual game settings allow for. Also, how cool of an idea. I'm waiting for that update you just mentioned an hour ago and I'm gonna try this out. Such a cool mod idea, thanks for making it!
  16. Basically this exactly. So the game loads up each layer of the world file into a voxel block composite that we navigate through with our player avatar. Gore blocks are not part of the world file, but are instead stored in the regions files and loaded up into the ram whenever a player is near the region and could see it. It's not like any individual gore block makes much difference, but, compounding interest can take it's toll. Much like how having too many vehicles placed in the world strains the server, though that happens much faster because the vehicle manager takes more system resources. If you are on a server running 8+ regular players, with a blood moon every 7 days, plus all the zombies killed by player actions in the world, and even those which are killed by other npc entities, the number of gore blocks persisting begins growing exponentially faster than you would ever encounter in a single player game. Idk about you but most servers I play on, players see an average range of 50-300 zombie kills per horde night depending on server settings and player skills. Those are not particularly impressive numbers by any means, but using those you can see that by the end of the first horde night the number of gore blocks created can number over a thousand potentially. Just like any computer that has been on too long, and loaded, then closed, and then loaded, and closed again any app, the ram becomes inefficient increasingly until a system reboot. Mitigating anything adding to that should help server performances. Hence, while a timer does add another system process, it ultimately provides a net system resources gain once it's duration is complete. I could be wrong, but in my experience on my server leaving gore blocks and loot bags with no timer meant i needed more frequent server restarts. Either way, I absolutely love your work Riles. I'm currently using version 1.06 on my server. I wanted to update, but that caused conflicts i couldnt resolve for this maps playthrough. I'm hoping to do so for the next map though because I like what I see reading about it.
  17. IDK, my turret has killed a lot of zombies for me sitting in front of my door of my base. It may be that i'm just perked into turrets so it's working better than intended. I do like the bike though, and the beer. Special Jen is also awesome, seems like a full trader instead of one locked into a specialty. Been trying to figure out how to achieve the same effect without the yellow console warnings about the invulnerable blocks being over their downgrade limits. If you have any thoughts I'd love your assistance if you have the time. I hope your move went well and your new job is treating you kindly.
  18. If the intent is to show the aftermath, then a 6-12 hour timer should do the trick. That way the server isn't trying to maintain every gore block ever created that was not cleaned up by a player.
  19. i just spent a night playing on a darkness falls server with this mod installed and the bedroll places just fine. The server issue with placing bedrolls seems confined to my server.
  20. There seems to be an issue with the bedroll on server play, causing the bedroll to despawn after you place it. If anyone can point me in the right direction to what might be causing that issue I'd be quite grateful.
  21. I just spotted that the localization for the bedroll has one mistaken bit of text where it says the bit about there being no respawn locations. This code was developed for my server side overhaul mod first, and then extracted to be it's own standalone modlet. That was an oversight, and when I update it in the future I will fix that as well. On my server I'm running khzmusik_No_Bedrolls modlet and that removes the ability to have respawn points you set by placing a bed or bedroll, hence the localization text reading as it does.
  22. I had friends that said their biggest issue with playing on servers was the lack of a pause button because they have a life that has dynamic demands on their time. Others have mentioned the lack of a sleep system to skip past bits of time in the game sucks. I came up with a way to alter the bedroll to become something that could fill that role for them. As a part of this modlet I altered the recipe for the bedroll, and unless you are playing DF you will likely not have access to the fifth ingredient, which is the blessed metal mod. In that case you should comment out that ingredient or replace it with another difficult to craft/loot item to counterbalance the value of the bedroll. You have a limited time that the buff is active once you walk off the bedroll. If you run, you will likely ragdoll. Visual effects are to simulate the dream state, and to mitigate using the bedroll to try to cheese the horde with. They will linger for a few seconds after the buff fades. The buff is on a short duration timer, and will be removed if you use either primary or secondary actions. If however you just stand on the bedroll in a space that will make it hard for a zombie that may find you while afk to knock you off the bedroll, then you will be safe and can just think of the zombie attacks like a bad dream that you wake up to find is real when you return to your keyboard. If you have any trouble or questions feel free to reach out in DM or reply to this thread. A19.4 verified version here (yes it also works with Darkness Falls): https://gitlab.com/magejoshplays/7-days-to-die-a19-mods/-/blob/cf5698007cf7034c961a757f818839b3a9adc3de/mjSafeSpaceBedroll.zip
  23. Yeah, if you change the heatmap frequency back to 5000 and the strength down to 10 it will still be stronger than the vanilla but not rapid firing. You should watch that testing video i did with it. It will overrun anyone, sometimes the lesson is to run. Not all fights are worth the risk.
  24. That's probably death by campfire. I wrote it for my own mod collection intended to be a server side overhaul mod collection. I see ShoudenKalferas and I have similar tastes, I'd love to have you drop by my server and give it a try some time. Anyways, the idea is fire angers the zombies, the screamers most of all. I have another called death by light, that causes a similar if weaker effect from player placed torches and candles and burning barrels. I also include the ability to learn to make a working oven really early on, or salvage a working microwave with a wrench on a lootable microwave. The microwave and oven do not trigger screamer hordes.
  25. magejosh

    MI 17

    Ok I took a look at it and it is craftable in the workbench as you can see in the screenshot. I'm betting the issue is how you are searching for it? Try typing AC_ and i bet it shows up for you. You will need grease monkey or the schematic to craft the parts though as currently they are not lootable.
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