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  1. Version 1.0.1 b1 is available via the gdrive link below and nexus. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1b5z4ytupW_ec2OLwAxPDTStKrAwWzjG8?usp=sharing While primarily a QoL update fixing missing descriptions and item stats, as well as correcting unlocks for various items and new workstations. Also includes performance tweaks and spawning adjustments to better suite the gamestages intended for lategame. Loot rebalanced, as well as tweaks to the classes. The military boots speed has been adjusted to the intended effect instead of the superspeed it had been. Too many other minor tweaks to properly list.
  2. Server has been updated to the latest version 1.0.1 b1 which is primarily a QoL update, but also introduces more late stage bosses and performance tweaks. It is also available to download via the link above or nexus.
  3. I think it really depends on the adaptability of the players involved and what aspects of the game you find enjoyable as to whether players will enjoy it. As for dieing a lot early game, especially day one is pretty common. I changed the spawning rates, frequencies, and times to directly challenge the normal patterns from vanilla play and allow for greater flexibility in the randomness of those values. There is however still a pattern to it, and you can find it given time played. DrkstarDragon is right though on both tips, they will make the early game a lot easier. As well, get yourself a wrench and hunt down ovens til you salvage a working one, that will make cooking safe. Cooking in the campfire summons screamers and bosses. Cities are very dangerous due to the number of potential pois you could approach that have fire based light sources, which will make the heatmap rise as you get near them. Always pickup candles, torches, and burning barrels to stop the screamer traps they create. As well, build 7 is available in the link below now, updated and running with alpha 19.6 without issues so far. It should not require a new save, but you should make a backup just in case. The install instructions have changed and are inside the download. This change will alter all traders to be unprotected, but in a save where you have already encountered a trader that is protected it will remain protected and therefore always be a screamer trap when you get near it. You can delete that region to reset it to unprotected after updating to build 7. Additional changes include, all zombies magic attacks (their debuffs on hit) have been removed from automatic and added to the critical hit system instead. In addition the new models for the duke's lieutenants have been added as a series of TheDuke entities in build 7. Their names and stories are being added for the next major update which will include the showdown with the duke finale to the story. alpha 19.6 Purgatory v1.0.0b7 https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1b5z4ytupW_ec2OLwAxPDTStKrAwWzjG8?usp=sharing
  4. I would definitely say this mod increases the difficulty of the game. I couldn't easily change that at all if i were motivated to do so at this point. The idea for this mod was to both introduce story options to pursue, increase building options, and challenge habits of play to promote player ability to improve their skills in the game by adding layered challenges to overcome. I think you could set the game difficulty to easy and that would help mitigate the difficulty some, but idk how much it would help if people don't adapt to the number of new zombies and their different behaviors and abilities.
  5. Yeah, that can happen sometimes if you accidentally select one of the archetype zombies in the profiles menu before entering a game. Or if the game doesn't have access to that folder for some reason. As for the map falling through, i've seen that from server lag or lack of sufficient ram. I would suggest trying one of the smaller maps. Also, i'm positive this setting will be an issue that will produce unrelenting spawning lag. The hordes in purgatory already will not stop all night long. Trying to add more will normally lag most computers out. As well the max wandering hordes can be upwards of 120 in size. And screamer hordes can reach 200. The concerning part of the output log to me is there's a variety of failed loot entries and that tells me there's something wrong with the mod load. Because those don't come up on any version i've seen running. Did you alter the mods or add any other mods? I've got to get to bed now, work calls in but a few short hours, but i'll check back in tomorrow after work.
  6. When was your last attempt and to which server? I'm looking at the logs and i have only one listed entry of a player i don't know already logging into one of the servers in the last week. The servers were reset around the 6th or so for the final build playtest and have been running since then. Or did you mean on your own server? If this is what you meant, do you have the server output logs?
  7. Sorry for the short answer earlier, was getting ready for work. Now for the zombies, this mod adds a lot. You should really try vanilla settings, especially the max zombies settings. Otherwise you will likely lag out before too long. Vanilla settings on a server can see 200 zombies spawn into the world in 5 minutes flat if you turn a campfire on for that long.
  8. Well there's your problem. I spent the better part of the last year figuring out how each of those work and building dependencies between most of the mods. It's not a pick and choose set of mods. You removed things the mod requires. And it looks like you ignored the don't try adding other mods note in the readme as well. Thats also creating issues.
  9. Looks like you are running additional mods if i were to guess. That's the only time i see those red errors. The yellow warnings are expected and cause no problems. Can you post your output log. It's in the game install folder then into the 7DaysToDie_Data folder.
  10. Server has been updated to running the latest version. Build 6. You can download your own copy above and try it single player if you like or join the server instead.
  11. Thanks! I'm gonna stream it over on twitch with twitch integration at the top of the hour. https://www.twitch.tv/magejosh If you want to watch me play it and get an idea of what's changed from vanilla in the mod feel free. If you just want to see me die, or help that along, please have fun. For those of you finding this post after the stream, then you can still check it out on my youtube channel: Mage Josh Plays https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT1Y4ESuLjKiqtHrRcmr57w/featured
  12. It looks like i had the gamma gun's effect group tags for the magazine size passive effect pointing to the machinegunner perk instead of perkTurrets like the others, I have it updated already in the next version. I will release that in a few days to a week at most though. I want to finish getting my endgame mission into the mod with this next update and this bugfix will be with it.
  13. Hmm, it was working but I think I know what happened there. Probably forgot a comma when I added an edit. Will look into it asap and have it fixed by next update. I'll leave the code fix here when I make it for those who don't want to wait for the update.
  14. Purgatory was a wild idea i had before i knew anything about modding back in 2020. I've learned so much since starting work on this. I know i have a lot left to do to really make it fully match my vision, but it's at the point it's fun and playable. To me and my playtesters at least. I hope you like it. You have been magically trapped in Purgatory and have to find a way to survive until you can find a way to escape. Purgatory is confirmed working on a19.5 and can be used as a server side only overhaul for servers. This means anyone installing it to their server will be able to have any player with only the vanilla game client still connect to and play on a server using Purgatory. If you are using one of the maps provided, or generated with a Purgatory modded game client, then the players will need to get a copy of Purgatory or Compopack v47 rwg modlet version and add that to their mods folder or they may not be able to connect to your map due to the number of new POI's to download. Purgatory is intended to create a new challenge for the experienced 7 days player. Dying is no longer without consequence. It should also be expected, often. In this version the endgame has been disabled for more time to be spent on better balancing and bug fixes. That does not remove the challenge or reduce the reasons to play through to at least level 500 to unlock your final items in your build. There are magic items, and almost every item destroys when it's fully degraded. There's many new challenges besides the zombie's rage and magical powers. There are 4 new perk trees, and many perks have been rebalanced. Your backpack and the loot game have been greatly altered to add new fun and challenges as well. Stun Baton and Spear have been rebalanced and improved as well. v1.0.0 b6 Download Here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aLjegyc4tSAODnNdRq1MxKBcNkkN1RAN/view?usp=sharing Credits listing with links to original versions of mods used in the overhaul's collection: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1D48Z5aJbMBLBz9KmtpzyslyuoD_pHkPTm_WrqU3J8Lc/edit?usp=sharing Known Bugs: some users have reported a red error which points to profiles.sdx on game client load. closing the console and ignoring it has not seemed to cause any further issues in all the testing done so far. you should be able to ignore it. also know for the quad shotgun to cause a red error when out of ammo and using right click to reload. Please report any further bugs here or on the discord listed in the readme.
  15. Ok that specific problem I've not had but I've had some situations where I thought that was the case. Id look into any other mods which may be remove and replacing zombies hands that loads after this one alphabetically. Or even easier, id just rename the modlet folder to have a zz at the beginning and try loading the client and a fresh game to see if you get the errors. If that produces errors, try changing the zz into aa. One of those has a high chance of fixing the compatibility issues. Otherwise feel free to share your output log or modlet list and I'll see if I can spot any compatibility issues. I've been developing my overhaul and this modlet is one of my first choices for a must include. It's also caused It's fair share of compatibility NREs with the other 221 modlets in my server side overhaul. For fear or causing more I've manually updated my copy with the new releases the last 2 times It's been updated.
  16. oh, i knew there was one other thing i meant to ask about. was that one random perc_subtract of entitydamage on the PP-19 Bizon intentional or should it have been perc_add like all the others? I flipped it and it hasn't felt too powerful. But that's in Purgatory, where all zombies are stronger and can heal after they've taken a little damage.
  17. That's excellent news. I'm not the best at explaining myself at the best of times, but i'm glad you were able to get it figured out. Oh i forgot to mention, while i was adjusting things in my copy of this awesome mod, i changed the weapon tags pointing to perkYeahScience to instead point to perkTurrets as it felt the closest in functionality and it seems to work well.
  18. As arramus was saying it requires that item property unlocked by code in the items.xml. It also has to have a pairing code in the progression.xml that code would look something like this with the perk name swapped out to the right one, the level you want it unlocked at if not 5 changed to that number, and change the toolComputer to the weapon crafting recipe you want unlocked by that level of that perk. <append xpath="/progression/perks/perk[@name='perkAdvancedEngineering']"> <effect_group> <passive_effect name="RecipeTagUnlocked" operation="base_set" level="5" value="1" tags="toolComputer"/> </effect_group> </append> If you don't have a progression.xml in there, which i don't think there is if memory serves. Then you will need to make one and add that code with your changes. Repeat that code for each different weapon you want to add. Last step is you will need to go into the recipes.xml and make sure the recipe for the weapon has the tag "learnable" in it. Those three pieces together will lock it's crafting and unlock it when you get the perk you set it to at the right level. Hope that is helpful for you.
  19. You could also just decide to pair each one with a vanilla zombie and use that same append code pointed at that zombie instead of the screamer and make sure to set a probability if you don't want it showing up equally with said vanilla zombie. That way it adds that snuffkin zombie to all the places in the entitygroups that vanilla zombie already exists. One thing i've noticed is sometimes set xpath will work when remove and then append does not work.
  20. I used a 3 line code at the end of the entitygroups.xml to insert after zombieScreamer on line one, and on line two i added the list of entities at one of the lower gamestage levels hordespawns, then closed the insert tag on line three. And i used dough's screamer's spawn more to put screamers in every group. This combination took some playing with to fine tune the spawning rates so there was still a good mix of all zombie types but has resulted in a truly challenging experience in my server side overhaul Purgatory. I could share the code i used if you'd like, but i'm pretty sure you understand xml better than me given your above posts @errornull. Actually i think way earlier in this thread i did share that bit of code. Anyways, yeah this mod, elite zombies, mickpewpew's serverside zombies, and khzmusic uma zombies all together in here working well and decently mixed into pois, wandering hordes, biome spawning, and horde nights. The extra screamers don't really harm anything as they are not getting called on too often and dont' summon a screamer horde if they weren't spawned by the scout controller. They just make you panic to kill them. The only drawback i've found to this method is occasionally, and i do mean only occasionally when the scout controller summons a scout/screamer it actually picks one of these "boss" zombies instead.
  21. So Hyped to play with these. That windsurfer looks so sweet, and I'd love an intertube/float ring for better swim speeds. Especially if it has an extra second or two delay on the pickup to account for letting the air out enough to pack it away. And no storage just like the windsurfer. Well, that's my thoughts at least. I'd love to use these for a riverworld idea i had, and in strange new world my next overhaul/chapter 2 of the story of my overhauls.
  22. Yeah the scarecrow often fails to properly apply the jackolantern head buff. And spins comically on death. But it makes me laugh so i left it. I'm super happy to hear you are enjoying it. Version 1 build beta 1 is out on the server now. The downloadable version is uploading now and the link will be posted on the google doc for the server and on my discord for now as i have to get ready for work. I will be posting here on the forum when i have time to sit down and finish the credits section for everyone involved in the overhaul.
  23. I'm not entirely positive the gasoline tag actually did anything. First test was just changing that so that maybe the requirement would not key onto the power tools. When that failed to prevent new dysentery buffs i went back and looked again, then copied the holding item has tags text and did a search of that text in the vanilla buffs. Didn't see the ! used in that manner so i decided to try removing it. I see it used in lots of cvar instances but not that case on a requirement in an effect group not using modifycvar.
  24. I just fixed it. There was a ! in front of holdingitem has tags, and the tags were toolAnvil instead of gasoline. <effect_group tiered="false" name="Drink Tier 0"> <requirement name="NotHasBuff" buff="buffIsOnFire" /> <requirement name="HoldingItemHasTags" tags="gasoline"/> is what i changed it to.
  25. I love all of your mods i've used so far, Bad Medicine included. I'm curious if it was your intention for the gasoline effect to translate over to using power tools as well? It seems it considers reloading an auger or chainsaw and simply using them to harvest and treats them as a though you are triggering action 0 on holding gasoline, thereby gaining dysentery every time. I'd thought about seeing if i could add a tag to the buff or item to add a requirement not has tag tool or something to the triggered effect but can't seem to figure out the right way to implement it. Either way I will likely just make new buff that's a lowgrade annoying visual effect instead as though you were huffing gas instead of gaining dysentery. The rest of the mod is fantastic and working completely as intended i believe. That modification to the sewing needle use was genius. Such a perfect touch that makes so much sense. Love the dirty bandages as well. That makes way more sense to find in loot than what is effectively perfect doom quality med supplies every time. And that antibiotic bump to the good medical items was an awesome discovery as infection is more likely in Purgatory.
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