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  1. I did test it while using a t10 sacred weapons aio mod pack machete that was doing about 1000 damage. Seems to work fairly well. I still knocked a 2200hp uma zombie back 4 blocks on third and final hit, but that's way less than i was getting before. I'll toy with the numbers and see if i can get it down to two blocks knockback.
  2. Yeah that's because they are in the container and that makes them first in order of operations to check if they are selected to fill the count called for by the container. Then it moves on to the groups, because most of them are an unlisted perfect split probability balance that then calls on it's own list with weighted probability up to its count list, except when items are now throwing that balance off with their specific probability. Many of those lootgroups listed in the lootcontainers are in fact lists of more finely detailed lootgroups. Easiest fix is just finding a common item from the a19 container and seeing what group its in now and which one is the right fit if multiple is called on by the blocks you want it calling on.
  3. You've got mail is awesome. I love that every other container is full of mostly junk items that will fill your inventory. However i have noticed that a20 shifted to putting items mostly in lootgroups only and lootgroups in lootcontainers. It might be that you just need to make lootgroups for the items and add those lootgroups to the lootcontainers. You can create more modular control over random counts and probabilies that way as well. And if after listing prob=".05" or whatever it is if you add in force_prob="true" that will help make it actually use your listed probability. And if instead of using a prob number you used something like loot_prob_template="ProbT0" then the items will show up low prob first few levels and grow until level 60 or so where it will drop off until level 65 where you will not find them anymore.
  4. Possibly make them into entities that dont move or interact at all, then you can use the size scale property on their entityclasses entry. Then just make a spawner block and make that found item that, so you place it and it gives the preview of the spawner block which you can use the mannequin block to create i think so you can see facing and then place the block and the tiny version will spawn into that space. edit- maybe even use the umazombie template for this so you can use the player archetypes and make action figures out of each of those. Also, while i know this isn't your problem to deal with I'm at the point where i have to admit i may not have enough understanding to fix this particular issue. I've got the UI add 5 recipe slots mod installed and a larger backpack mod. I setup the inspect panel to match the width of the new backpack size, but i keep struggling to fix the layout of the ingredients list to match the new size of 807 for the backpack window. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  5. yeah i did a direct edit as i was just trying to get it to work how i wanted and there's one item that is unique to my purposes and can be removed or altered to a vanilla playthrough easily. actually i'll just do that real quick to make it easier. It was ClassRandomGearBonus bundle and its random items, i swapped them to pocket mods. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1C3bvuhSaSV73X6nQdKK4R3snmI2GIUhw/view?usp=sharing The only real changes are there in the items.xml. I did the recipes in a separate mod. I can send those over as well but basically i set all TA weapons to 1 ranged weapon token crafting cost to encourage their use. Then for ammo i made the costs 1, 2, or 3 ranged weapon tokens depending on if it was a box/crate/metal box of ammo.
  6. something like this? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KYuuKi-BU4SU5Gb7IIxlXh_ML_845oTQ/view?usp=sharing Only issue there is like the one you outlined where you would need to reduce the HP of UMA zombies as well or it would take way too long to kill them. The biggest issue here is the debuff to damage needs to be on the player before the player deals damage to the UMA zombie. That's why i thought to put the trigger on the entityclass of the player and make it a short duration buff that can just keep being added every time the player attacks a UMA zombie. Would need testing though to balance. Unless you added one requirement to the buff so that the passive effect wouldn't work unless their health was at 10% or less maybe? That would mean some will still get missed by particularly powerful weapons and ragdoll but most should trigger correctly. something like: <requirement name="StatComparePercCurrentToMax" target="other" stat="health" operation="LTE" value=".1"/> there we go, fixed it. Should work for these purposes. I'll test it on my end when i wake up tomorrow. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bJQgd4ZBZO7CkA3br5vRduaHr7O7wZVC/view?usp=sharing
  7. If you take a look at your Action Skills mod, in the config folder there's an items.xml file. Inside you will see how each vanilla item that interacts with item skills has had an effect group added and some properties set. Without those the new items you add with other mods will not interact with action skills. I'm working on that now and will share when i finish if it's not already done. I just saw TA was updated so i'm gonna grab that so i can work from the latest update. Also, Tristam I love ReClass, great idea! I wound up adding a recipe for that random class and adding all classes to it's random selection. Then i removed the random items even and odd bundles from recipes and added them as possible random chance items to a rebuilt wildcard class to make wildcard more random like the original wildcard class from valmars starter classes while sticking to your template as best as possible. I'd be happy to share if you want it. ahh cool, Tristam I see you already did a compatibility. Scratch one thing off my todo list thank you very much. You Rock! LOL really should have read the OP first, and checked for updates yesterday as that would have saved me some time. Keep up the great work, it is much appreciated!
  8. Sorry i solved this conflict with NPCmod last night and forgot to share. Anyone using both needs to open the utilityai.xml and change the line 3 i believe it is which i have commented out here to the uncommented version. The name had a one character change which causes this mod to fail to load this utilityai.xml file. <!-- mjedit to harmonize with NPCmod --> <!-- <insertBefore xpath="/utility_ai/ai_packages/ai_package[@name='Zombie_Dumb']" > --> <insertBefore xpath="/utility_ai/ai_packages/ai_package[@name='Zombie Dumb']" >
  9. There's another workstation that uses the same workstation icon as the vanilla workbench that is called the Ammo Workbench i believe and that's where you craft tactical ammo.
  10. Yeah i used it in a19 and always just assumed it was on purpose to represent how aggressive the infection is now, so you need to take more cure% than what is listed as your infection% and keep an eye on it.
  11. I'll keep working at it but as of yet, i'm having no luck. I can get the red error gone, but then i cannot get the window for the lootbox to open even though press e to open is still there.
  12. Okay this is awesome, couldn't we just bypass the time acceleration to remove the issue with MP for now?
  13. If you're still needing help with the Xui I'll take a look tonight or tomorrow and get back with you, I love the lootbox add-on.
  14. @arramus and i were talking on his thread and i mentioned having had a similar idea for how i was going to update this one further. Here is the updated version with a fix preventing engaging the infinite gas bundle loop without max advanced engineering and three tier 5 or better tools and spending 10k gas to do it. As before, if you want me to remove this post let me know and I'll happily support your wishes. Download it here (for alpha 20): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FdnKOecJVu223_aK5lj5ewlc3OrSqtMg/view?usp=sharing What's changed: Recipe costs and output counts for crafting in the autominer scale based on the tier of tools used and levels in the advanced engineering perk. The autominer crafting recipe scales in ingredients and crafting time based on levels in advanced engineering, and unlocks at level 3 of advanced engineering. The autominer crafting recipes have had crafting type tabs added to make quick sorting to the recipe you want easier. There is the general resources tab with all resources recipes listed. Then the Desert Resources tab for oil shale. Then The Ammo Making Resources for lead, brass, nitrate, and coal. Then the construction resources tab for stone, clay, and iron. The autominer now has description localization describing in game what is needed to unlock it and what tools it needs to operate. Lastly there will be an incidental improved crafting speed of 1% per level in advanced engineering for all recipes unlocked by that perk. As well that also means this mod will conflict with any mod that removes the advanced engineering perk, removing it's ability to function.
  15. That dart set looks like such a cool multiplayer game. I would assume it works multiplayer client side install for all involved. I'd be up for testing it either way. Awesome work on all of the decorations, beautiful additions to the world. The functioning faucet and showerhead were a fun surprise.
  16. actually, my math was off and i didn't notice until after uploading. Had a tag in the wrong place and when i went to fix that i had a better idea how to harmonize that equilibrium between cost of resource to yields. Including i had forgotten about the book that lets you make the 10000 gas bundles for 800 oil shale. I balanced the shale yields with this in mind, making it so only with Advanced engineering 5 and 2 level 6 robot tools and at least a tier 2 auger you will not overcome the cost to benefit ration and achieve a net gain. Even so i believe my math has it taking you running 10k gas 10 times before you net enough shale for an extra bunclle of gas, meaning most of your 10k gas is tied up in producing shale over time to achieve that gainful yield. Here's the fix including the gas loop fix. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FdnKOecJVu223_aK5lj5ewlc3OrSqtMg/view?usp=sharing
  17. I actually had a similar issue while working on the update i mentioned last night. It was because i forgot another modlet was setting the recipe count for all recipes with electrical parts to 5, which was throwing off my scaling amounts and driving me nuts. Pulled them all out, added back in one by one and went oh, of course when i found the one changing the recipe. Any mod that affects crafting times can cause the inverted crafting times. Those have to be carefully balance or they break the system for crafting times. Anyhoo, here's that update i mentioned @arramus https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QOpCoZPIGLeU3hFhBm7mUEiPWOy9j5IZ/view?usp=sharing Use whatever you like. I found a suggestion by alter about affecting crafting recipe outputs interesting so i leaned into that in this. Also added crafting type tabs to the autominer and a description because the version i had didn't have one. Went ahead and used the robotic sledge and robotic drone as the two new tools, and set them to affect crafting times and outputs. Currently all set to small positive incremental improvements, but for balancing you could easily make the first two levels inversed of their current values and that would make lower tier weapons produce less in more time. Here you see me at Advanced Engineering level 5 and all tier 6 tools. It produces progressively less output and slower with lower tier tools and lower advanced engineering levels. You need level 3 advanced engineering to unlock it crafting it.
  18. Oh, ok, i'll whip it up and post it tomorrow then. I had to solve the displaying player level not updating problem. So happy to have figured that out.
  19. Sent via dm idk i think the dm isn't working, i fixed the player level dynamic updating and went to send that over as well to find it reloaded my message like it never sent. The important bits are in the khaines kill tracking buff.xml near the bottom, the stuff under the mjedit comment. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KYAhDZxs73k04SkdkCHLYth-VcKgYFHS/view?usp=sharing
  20. Haha great minds think alike. I was already thinking about changing the 3 auger tools to 3 different tools and locking different resources behind the different tools. I like what you did here. I was going to add a junk sledge and a drone as the extra tools. Only because I wanted to keep the tools from overlapping workstations but I can see how that might be an interesting gameplay element to decide between.
  21. I wanted an A20 version of this so i updated it. If you want me to remove this let me know and I'll be happy to respect your wishes. https://drive.google.com/file/d/13px8NtUghXuDBJjWWtOc-3azNI4JQ5K8/view?usp=sharing
  22. I didn't think to check if there was an update to this mod. I just went to work fixing it so i could use it. I used khaines kill tracker mod and made the display counters display the zombiekills cvar, and made another effect group in the kill tracking buff for tracking deaths so i could display that cvar. I did not get the elevation and temp working though, or the food water bars and level. I substituted in khaines food and water bars. I can send you what i did if you want.
  23. It's an issue with that map sadly. I need to make some new ones, as i didnt test the new ones as much as the ones from the first two versions. That map doesn't have enough traders near the player spawn locations. I'd recommend either use the rwg to generate a new map. Or i could work on a new one, i have another update almost ready but was trying to wait for a20 before updating again.
  24. Yeah, so, commenting out the key items will cause all kinds of red errors. Commenting them out is not the way to stop red errors. Figuring out what you added or removed which is causing the conflict is the first step. To do that, post your output log. Logic would dictate you removed the purgatory core file, and the other files which depend on it's pieces are throwing up red errors as the pieces it adds are missing. Which would create all kinds of problems for you when trying to play the mod, as without the key items and blocks and other changes made in the core, many aspects of the mod will either be inaccessible or nonfunctional.
  25. I do not think it's going to be likely i'm sorry to say. I wanted to achieve safety for saves, but it was not possible at my current skill level at least for everything that needed to be done. In order to fix a few issues and correct some that i hadn't noticed until i was working on this update, i had to move some blocks and items around in the load orders, which changes their id number used by the save to call on each item correctly. I do think the changes are worth it, and you can always try the update after backing up your save to another folder first. That way if it does break it, you can always revert version and replace your copied save back into the saves folder to bring the save back safely. I did remove the old worlds in this update though so i could save space for the upload. I would overwrite rather than delete the old version first that way you still have those worlds if your save was using one of them.
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