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  1. Not sure if anyone is interested, but pretty sure I have this figured out. I'll show using Clubs. Note that I've changed the nomenclature for items and perks to something that makes more logical sense to me, but the logic still applies regardless. First, you add a custom tag to the recipe for each item, so you have a tag for both the perk and the item, along with any other tags you need. In this case I have learnable for the items that are unlocked in one way or another. <recipe name="meleeClubT0" count="1" tags="perkClubs,meleeClubT0"> <ingredient name="
  2. My mod is coming right along. Crazy how much knowledge I've gained in the last few weeks just diving in and doing it. I would like to set both minimum and maximum quality caps on items. In my mod it will be by Tier (i.e. a T0 item could only be Q1-3, T1 could be Q2-4, etc) but I believe I would have to set it by individual item. I should be able to control looted items with the quality templates in the loot.xml, but not sure on crafted items. I know I can adjust crafting quality based on perk ranks, but that affects all items created with that perk. Any ideas on this? Thanks!
  3. What does the value="1" portion refer to?
  4. This may be a silly question, but in progression.xml, what does the "value" represent in the "RecipeTagUnlocked" passive_effect lines? All the others make sense, but I can't figure out what it does for this effect.
  5. That's a good idea. I was thinking it might be confusing down the line when I have it named one way in localization and another way in everything else, but now I'm seeing the time and hassle I can save going that route.
  6. Why do you need a completion type at all? If you simply remove the last objective (phase 4) the quest will complete after killing two screamers.
  7. Great tip! I haven't updated the items yet, and by commenting out the "remove" lines in progression, it loaded just fine. Tough to make changes like this that affect multiple files and still test along the way. Thanks again for the guidance.
  8. Here's what I have done in the progression.xml so far. I have tried to comment out sections and just run bits at a time, but it still gives me the same error. The general idea of these changes is to replace the Perception attribute with Dexterity. I am also restructuring perks so that each attribute has a melee and a ranges combat, then some number of crafting and talent perks. I am starting to think that this idea is better off as a full overhaul than a series of modlets, since I'm spending 75% of my time trying to get the changes made via xPath rather than installing the content
  9. I'm getting an error when loading my progression.xml that says "The given key was not present in the dictionary." Am I correct to assume that "dictionary" refers to the Localization.txt file? I can't find a key that's in my progression.xml that isn't also in my localization.txt, but then again maybe it is referencing a different file altogether. My question is, how do I identify what key is missing from what file, if it isn't just the localization?
  10. FYI, after playing with this I realized that it was selecting effectively all quests, since it appears they all use the category_key of "challenge" with just a few exceptions. My goal was to change the Challenge Quests to award better experience, tiered by difficulty, but also remove any other rewards for them. This is a small part of my overall mod vision, but a huge step forward in my understanding of how to make it happen. Using the example provided and the clear breakdown of what it means, I was able to modify the code to accomplish exactly what I wanted. <set xpath="/quests/ques
  11. This is fantastic, thank you! Seeing how you did it helps me to understand where I was going wrong. Since it's all new to me, I'm learning both the concept and the proper syntax, so we're killing both birds with this stone. I believe that the roadblock I kept hitting was backup up to the parent after using the category_key and difficulty properties to identify the correct quests. This is immensely helpful, thanks again.
  12. I honestly feel like I'm being trolled at this point. But just in case I am completely misunderstanding the tone and this is not in fact a condescending attempt to educate my poor little child brain on how to learn a new skill, I will ask my original question in another way. How do I use xpath to change the quest reward for all Hard difficulty Challenges to award Exp in the amount of 10,000 and nothing else? More generically how do I change specific values for a group of quests, such as Hard Challenges, but not for all quests or even all Challenges or Hard quests? It's easy enough to sim
  13. Thank you? I appreciate that this is complicated, and as I mentioned in the OP, I felt that learning by doing would be the best way to get my head wrapped around it. I have read through the guide you linked of course, as well as others and watched a few videos. I am starting from scratch, but the challenge is the fun part and makes success all the more rewarding to me. Unfortunately while I can see a few commands that would apply in the guides, I don't see a good example of how to apply them in the way I am trying to. What I was hoping to get here would be a suggestion as to how I could procee
  14. I'm trying to change the quest rewards for all Challenges so they award only XP, but significantly more and based on difficulty. I know I could simply remove the quests and replace them with copies that have different rewards, but as I am working on my first mod this seems like an opportunity to learn how to "do it right" from the beginning. My thought is that I should be able to do a conditional xPath for each of the difficulties, then use it to delete the rewards I don't want and change the Exp values to what I do want. For example I would find any node for a quest where the cate
  15. Found the issue. Turned out I had a recipe that referenced a material that didn't exist, which had a cascading effect of not having anything to scrap to.
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