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  1. There's several. The crashed plane was one I can remember off the top of my head. When you say "a new save game" what do you mean? I thought that every time I make a new map that was a new save game.
  2. Actually, looks like the problem is still here sadly. It seems like it affects POIs that have multiple floors. I got CP47 and redownloaded Nitrogen. I'm not sure what the problem is.
  3. Following up on this. Just tried the CP47 and this problem did not show up at all. Thanks so much for the help! And Happy New Year!!!
  4. Will do! And I'll let y'all know what happens. In the interim: if you don't want a certain prefab, do you just delete all the associated files for that prefab? Or will that cause any glitching? Lastly, I was trying forever to figure out last night, but how do you remove smoke particles from a pre-fab? I love the rocket launch prefab, but don't much care for the smoke (I don't want new players to think it's about to explode and never explore it haha). But I can't figure out how to remove just the smoke. Merry Christmas!!
  5. Well I'm trying to get a map made to put onto a hosted server. I'm preeeeeeeetty sure I'm using new worlds, as long as I'm understanding the lingo right. I made 3 fresh maps with Nitrogen last night and loaded them into the world editor, which is where I found the glitch each time.
  6. Ahh, gotcha. I don't think I'm using an old save. I wonder, if Nitrogen is causing the problem, do I even need Nitrogen if all the prefabs are in my 7 Days folder already? Couldn't I just do a random world generation through the 7 Days client?
  7. I should have said in the initial post: Huuuuuge kudos for doing all this work! I love the pack and can't wait to get it on my server. As to your questions: I am not placing them by hand. I loaded up a Nitrogen generated world using Compopack prefabs. I've generated 4 of them and had these weird raised platforms in all of them. Hmm... I just checked it in the prefab editor and I think it looks good. Do you think I might have just messed up the CP files somehow? Wondering if a fresh download and install of CP files would fix it, since no one else seems to be
  8. Hey all, Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Question: I'm trying to make a Compopack map for my hosted server, but when I load a map into the world editor, I get a lot of POIs that are randomly on raised plots of land. Pictures of what I'm seeing are attached. Any idea how to fix that? I'm using the most recent compopack and I believe the most recent Nitrogen to generate the worlds. Thanks!
  9. Game Difficulty: 3 Day Length: 90 Day Light Length: 18 Drop On Death: Nothing Player killing mode: Kill Strangers Only Max Animals: 30 Max Zombies: 50 Zombie Movement (daytime, normal zombies): Walk Zombie Movement (nighttime, normal zombies): Sprint Zombie Movement (Feral zombies): Sprint Zombie Movement (Blood Moon): Sprint Zombie difficulty: Normal Loot Respawn Days: 7 Land Claim Expiry Time: 14 (it means claim will be expired after being 7days offline) Land Claim Decay Mode: Linear Land Claim Online Modifier: 4 Land Claim Offline Modifier: 4 Loot bonus:
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