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  1. Having enough trouble with a 14kx14k world atm, I have to exit and reload every couple of hours else the game gets weird. Objects I destroy stay visibly there (but are gone when I exit and reload) and so on.
  2. Just to be sure, can it be any integer or only an even integer? i.e.: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 or 16 in the latter case but 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 or 16 in the former. At least you would never have to regen the world due to players having wiped every PoI out. 😛
  3. Just an FYI, if you have KingGen put the generated worlds in its own folder it doesn't need any special permissions or admin mode any more than NitroGen ever did.
  4. Experimenting. It's also the seed I use most of the time for most games that have seeded random map generation, although I use others or random seeds as well. It depends what I am trying to do. Right now I am seeing the differences in city layouts for multiple maps of multiple sizes using the same seed, as I noticed a tendency to cluster buildings of the same type in the same area of each city (though different for each city). I'd prefer cities that "mix it up" a bit more, but not if it's going to be a big pile of work for you.
  5. Perhaps a checkbox toggle then? I keep making maps and I want to compare the new to the old. Or I can just change the name, but then I have multiple folder name roots for the same seed instead of keeping them to a single root name for the same seed.
  6. Found another little issue: First I made a 6k map, named it Jennytania (because the seed is 8675309). KingGen put a folder in its own folder, named Jennytania. WAE (working as expected). Next I made two 6k maps, using the same name. KG made Jennytania1 and Jennytania2. More or less WAE. Then I made two 12k maps, using the same name. KG replaced Jennytania1 and Jennytania2. Unexpected. I had thought that KG was checking, finding the original Jennytania, and because of that making 1 and 2, but now I am thinking it's just seeing the multiple map setting and appending the numbers to keep the new maps separate as it is making them, but not even realizing that it's overwriting existing files. Would be nice for it to see those previous maps and continue the sequence, so that in the third case it would have made Jennytania3 and Jennytania4. Just a thought for consideration.
  7. I certainly didn't. Is there a particular one that is from Github itself? I searched and found...a lot of Github browser extensions, and I generally don't ever install browser extensions, for security reasons. I am guessing ovity/octotree is the best since it has by far the most "stargazers".
  8. Hey I have a question that is probably more regarding 7dtd itself than the map generator, but does it always have to be a square map? Like, say I wanted to make a map that was 12k wide but only 6k high, is the game just not able to handle that?
  9. Well, I expect WinRAR to uncompress RAR files, but maybe I am weird that way. Usually when there is a problem, it is because the file was created in Linux or using 7z. Making RAR files with 7z is a bad idea in general, and I find that files made with the Linux version of WinRAR uncompress fine on Linux but occasionally have problems on Windows, but as usual YMMV. The actual problem I had was the way Github presents file downloads, there are two ways to access them and one of them gives you a damaged file. I tested this with some other projects and got the same results. Github really needs to Git their @%$# together, or just provide the one DL link to make their site proof against idiots like me. 🤪
  10. WinRAR is telling me that the "A19.4 CP47 KingGen.rar" file linked in the first post is "either in unknown format or damaged". I didn't have this problem with the file for NitroGen (A19.3 CP 47 Nitrogen.rar), but as a test I downloaded it again and the new download gives the same error as the above file. Edit: Fixed. It was a Github issue.
  11. A couple of minor points from a first time user: 1) KingGen always opens maximized, at least for me. Not a big deal, but a minor annoyance especially for large screen users. 2) KingGen does not observe "dark mode" settings. For a user who is using dark mode, a brilliant, white window suddenly filling the entire screen is bordering on painful to sensitive, old eyes. That's all for now, besides thanks for picking up the ball that was dropped with NitroGen.
  12. Cool, I will have to try it. I've heard it's 4x faster and makes better maps.
  13. Everyone knew how to use the settings files. There was nothing wrong with the settings files. Why have you wasted time implementing settings in the registry, a poorly conceived, designed and implemented system that was made obsolete way back when Windows Vista was launched? The registry is nothing but a trash heap of miscellaneous junk settings for every rinky-dink application on the planet. It makes backing up your programs (games and otherwise) a pain in the backside because the settings are not stored with the rest of the game files. This archaic crap-pile was a bad idea when it was introduced in Windows 95 and, with several alternatives available (ini files, cfg files, XML settings files, appdata/local, appdata/locallow, appdata/roaming), is an even worse idea now. It should have never been used for anything but OS settings and isn't used by most applications, let alone games, anymore. It is a single point of failure that can completely take out your OS and programs from one tiny mistake. That's why there is a big fat screaming disclaimer about how you can break your computer with regedit. Forcing users to use it to get to settings that aren't exposed in the game settings is a terrible idea. It is opaque and binary as opposed to anything human-readable. It has to be in sync with the filesystem, so any mistake in the installer/uninstaller leaves corrupt entries. It is monolithic, making, as I wrote before, backing up, restoring or moving an application to a different location a serious pain in the behind. It's 2021, not 2009. Even when this game was first released in EA the Registry was a tired, old mess. So why implement it now when there was already a better way being used and many other options are available?
  14. Actually even on SP 16k is just too much. I had no end of troubles with two 16k maps, especially once I got them over 1/3 explored. I haven't used a map over 8k in months, tbh.
  15. Will I be able to use other mods with this? For instance I use Riles HUD Plus.
  16. Nitrogen has a setting for generating smoother maps, and it's much better than the in-game generator while still taking a lot less time generating the map. Plus it gives you the choice of several degrees of smoothness. And it works just fine for me, as long as you are using the correct prefab list. With compopack and nitrogen installed correctly I have generated numerous maps for a19.2 and a19.3 without any noticeable errors, not something I can say for the internal map generator in 7dtd. Even the default Navezgane map is FULL of map errors in a19.3. If you're using Nitrogen, you should also use Compopack. It gives you nearly 300 additional PoIs. Some advice: Go with a 12k map maximum unless you absolutely must have such a huge map as the 16k one is. The game engine really does not like huge maps and the more you explore the worse it gets, forcing you to restart frequently or it gets really buggy.
  17. Oh. </cringe> I'd hoped it wasn't quite *that* bad. Sorry m8.
  18. Why does *what* say the link contains a virus? If "it" is a crappy "free" antivirus, that's your answer. Pay for a quality antivirus program.
  19. So you opened the compopack archive and took all the files from "PLEASE copy all files from this folder into your 7d-prefabsfolder" folder and put them in your steam/steamapps/common/7 days to die/data/prefabs folder, and then took the compopack files from the "Nitrogen-files" folder and put them in (wherever you put NitroGen)/resources? When you make a NitroGen map, you select a19.1 cp 46 (or whatever, but NOT A19 vanilla (default) ) as your prefab list? and you copy the output into the actual GeneratedWorlds folder? (The button in NitroGen doesn't open the right folder, you have to drill down into it).
  20. From what I understand, highways are basically POIs, so you would have to replace all of the highway POIs with "taller" ones. This would also let you make highways with no breaks in them. Again...if I understand them correctly...and I am not sure that I do.
  21. Any way we could get a setting to generate 100 maps in a batch, instead of maxxing at 10? I tried going into the config files but it just resets all the changes to zero. Will I have to open up the .jar?
  22. First, no need to be rude. Second, as I said, and maybe you missed that part, it is possible to restrict regeneration of PoIs to certain areas of the map. Salty Zombies does it, and from what I can tell they're the biggest, and apparently voted the best 5 years in a row, not just "one of" the biggest. So no, my answers aren't nonsense. You might try asking them directly. I did. I'll see if I can dig up a non-compopack map. I might have a 6k one in my world folder. Edit: Couldn't find an old one, but here's a brand new 8k vanilla A19 map fairly heavily covered in cities and towns: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uadvbt3j35gzlgn/NitroGenMap.rar?dl=0
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