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  1. I have engaged in this and have mixed feelings about it. My only suggestion: IF a new system is implemented to deter/prevent/eliminate double looting, then it absolutely MUST! have an easy-to-use option toggle in the singleplayer game settings pane and of course for server config too. It is the DEPTH of bad business for a game developer to (a) Give a Reward in a game, then (b) Take that reward away. This has nothing to do with any particular philosophy of game design or "good user experience," it has to do with good COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT. Any time you "nerf" something wh
  2. I think the game would be enriched if the programmers that handle the mob behaviors would turn their attention to the non-zombie canines and make them behave less like zombies, or at least make them behave less like zombies MORE OFTEN. As has been pointed out in more than one post in this thread already: if wolf/dog aggro behavior toward player is going to stay identical to zombie wolf/dog aggro behavior then why bother having the distinctive mob type at all? If they were to implement actual stalking and team hunting dynamics that would be fantastic, but also a much more ambitious
  3. Fair enough and totally legitimate . . . In the interest or promoting more constructive discussion and perhaps promising ideas for a 'better' third take on the system(s), I quote myself from the other thread where this issue and related issues are being discussed. I have to say, the game is terrific! Apart from the fact eggs are so scarce and chicken domestication is not yet a thing, this issue with the "Stasis Zombies" inside POIs is really the first issue I've encountered with the game that struck me as rough around the edges. Even with that said it is just that
  4. If having sleepers inside structures is desirable for reasons which were obvious in past builds I can understand that. The most obvious "solution" would be that any and all sleepers ARE responsive to noise (however with caveats, see m ADDIT section below). It has to be noted that the present system DOES create breaches of immersion which look, at best comical. Check out my screen cap here: That type of thing is now going to become a very common experience for users who stop to consider how to survive with the least risk and most reward. I realize that, if ALL zombies
  5. Some zombies ("many" zombies? maybe "most" zombies"?) seem to have retained some of their sensory capacities from when they were alive. They seem to have something akin to vision, hearing, and perhaps smell and taste? Their reactions to being the recipient of violence also suggest they retain something akin to 'touch' and/or pain receptors. They ALSO seem to have something like hunger or longing (they seem to be looking for something when they shamble about quite often), and they also seem to experience anger or rage. Playing the game for 5 hours will present the player with COPIOU
  6. The first part of this sounds very promising to me. Even leaving out the groan loudly, just the collapsing body might wake up other zombies and it would be a LOT more immersive and less incongruous than zombies up on perches that are impervious to all sensory feedback EXCEPT player stepping into an X,Y,Z space. I won't comment on the issues of 'resolving blood moon' as it isn't something about which I have a clear view.
  7. RIGHT! It seems there are two design motives coming into conflict here and the player sparks are a result of users finding and grinding on that zone of conflict! Linear games like Space Invaders or Ms. Pacman are NOT "open world." Open world games like Minecraft or even Skyrim are NOT "linear." Now then, it IS true that both "types" may include ELEMENTS which are typical of the other type. There are not infinite sequences of moves a user can engage in to evade the chompers in any given level of Ms. Pacman, but it must be a very, VERY large number. So, while you cannot do something
  8. You may or may not have been responding to the inane list of 5 suggestions I offered, and it doesn't bother me in any event. But as is often the case with Internet-based communications, it appears that my efforts to be sarcastic have failed pitifully and my suggestions have been taken seriously. Let me take a step back and make my views clear: I. The current system (in which sleeping zombies are totally unphased by nearby noise, and only respond to player presence in an X,Y,Z volume) is dumb, clunky, crude, incongruous with the rest of the game and--in contrast with the game as a whole--t
  9. I won't say I "disagree" with their design decisions, but I will point out the incongruities and lapses of immersion those decisions produce. This is one of the gas station POIs on Navezgane map. I had never gone near it before, but having gone near plenty of other POIs I looked at it and immediately inferred I should enter from the roof. Well . . . ACTUALLY . . . scout it carefully from outside first (and shoot the zombie dog in the head while he was standing quietly) all the way round. Then climb up on roof, then chop into roof enough to see inside, then see this, one-shot s
  10. Sneaky Sniper is my favorite build in FPS games, with shotgun leatherneck being a close second . . . I only have about 150 hours on 7DTD and have only reached Level 22 and still doing T1 quests, but noticed the "auto-wake up" zombies. I can agree with OP that the (apparent) inconsistency is annoying, but I can also agree with other points made in this thread (no I did not read all of it and I doubt anyone has or will) that the auto-aggro zombies (a) are not THAT common and (b) spice things up so that a sneaky type cannot go around never having any fears or surprises . . .
  11. This is a great idea in theory and for a studio which could afford it it would be fantastic. But it would be a helluva lot of work so I have my doubts the Pimps can afford it.
  12. I created this account to make this request: implement in game save file creation functionality. I applaud the spirit of trying to force players to rely on one save. "Dead is Dead" Neurosis is on my medical charts. However . . . You CANNOT force end-users to do anything they do not really want to do, and by taking away the option for users to easily create save files you expose them to the vagaries of hardware/power/software-conflict disasters which can quite literally destroy a play session (in singleplayer). Point of note: I've been having some issues with my GPU. Eve
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