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  1. I've a slight suggestion for the mod, after seeing a certain loud Aussie YouTuber playing through the Mod, and starting a new series, and his ungrateful comments about his special dye being rare. I think you should make it craft able. My suggestion is 1 regular purple dye and 10 of those huge pieces of @%$# you find in the toilets all the time. This is of course just for a laugh, not out of any actual animosity towards Josh.
  2. Very simple fix... stop buying macs if you want to play games... or do anything for that matter since you can build your own cheaper. You obviously have the skill to code, building is far easier. If you need to brag to others you can just paint a fruit of your choice on the side or put lots of RGB all over it.
  3. I had a similar issue a few weeks ago, as have many others it seems. The only fix I know of personally is to create a new map and hope it works. There is a new compopack, I just used it a few days ago and it worked okay, so if you don't have that maybe try it.
  4. Is anyone else having issues with the note quests? I pick them up and activate them, but the only ones that seem to kinda work are the killing rabits or animals ones, any of the ones that require you to go to a location to start them don't work at all. I'm using Nitro and the compo in the newest versions, but also had this same issue on the last versions as well in a19. They aren't needed, but are a little extra fun for some added xp.
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