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  1. I was, I'm not talking about custom maps anymore though, I'm talking about the maps that are built into the base game
  2. I'm talking about the maps that came with the game, not custom made ones. Will the new POIs appear in the maps that came with the game?
  3. If I use this modlet and use a premade map from Nexus or something, would the new POIs spawn in or not?
  4. I did that, I assumed that since it has 19.3 in its title that it'd only work for 19.3
  5. I mean the different things, the nitrogen, the modlet, etc. they will all get the same result?
  6. I'm going to assume that all of the options in the original post will have the same results?
  7. I have no clue how to do any of that, I just want all of those additional POIs in my world
  8. Huh, then what's Nitrogen used for?
  9. Oh, but doesn't that need Nitrogen to work?
  10. I see, because I played on a server that used Nitrogen and it was pretty stable, and I liked the structures that Nitrogen makes I want to play with it in single player and possibly with friends
  11. Isn't the link in the first post out of date? It does say experimental on it.
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