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  1. yes but im getting 40 frames, when it maxes out, what does that mean?
  2. RTX 2060 r5 2600x 16gb 3000mhz exclusions have been made ive noticed that running on an SSD makes the frame rate more consistent but still maxes out my gpu in some areas
  3. few extra details this is on navezgane running at 1080p 60hz I've been told running on an SSD can help for anyone coming accross this post. ill come back with results
  4. i know that "Low VRAM GPUs may experience low frame-rates" is listed as a known issue but i dont know is 6GB of VRAM is considered low, if it is i apologise. Basically i noticed low fps in large buildings on full texture res even though 6GB should be more than enough for these textures (no offense) I know its a VRAM issue cos the user Sabiya on discord says his frames are fine on ultra with a RTX 2070 which has 8GB of VRAM The picture with 98% GPU usage is on full texture res with high UMA The picture with 55% is half res with medium UMA In closing
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