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  1. i didnt see you say "it aint hard" but okay, i thought i came over as rude or something. glad thats not the case regarding the LE command, it only shows me and my bicycle, so that seems fine i guess? i havent tried killall yet, will do the next time, kind of have to struggle with a bloodmoon first before i face that entire matter again. also initial confusion came over after trying out my first thumper... seems fun to play around with, but i kind of forgot or in the end thought about what was mentioned regarding the rewards... stepped out of the radius in the end after i noticed the thumper being done and everything, guess the quest is active until the thumper was salvaged. was kind of a "rip" situation for me at that moment. but hey i got some experience out of it, both ingame and knowledge wise xD
  2. im sorry, i didnt mean to sound hostile. i tried and it works, kinda. i just noticed after some testing, that my main area is still pretty dead when it comes to the thumpers, i have to move to different areas that didnt have any thumper drops yet to get soem to drop. could it be that the invisibleAnimalEnemy entities are still around, crowding the area and thus blocking the spawns or something? also again, i really do not mean to come over as hostile, rude or whatever. i deeply apologize if it ever comes over as such
  3. i can try and give that a shot later, thanks for the response tho.
  4. i do both and had both faster travel and slow travel happening. what kinda difference are we talking about? furthest i went was like 1.8 km but still the same biome. i tried to go for another biome, but sadly enough picked a direction that seemed to be the same biome all over the place. regarding speeds, i went for walking with no/padded armor, walking with heavy armor and bicycle, none of that seemed to make a difference. i dont know if some may have spawned and the sound played out of range tho, because sometimes it was like i seen random stray zombies of that kind standing or walking around. could also have been some strays from when i was not ready to deal with them yet tho Reloading/restarting didnt help, tweaking the spawning.xml by increasing the max count by one spawned atleast one more before that also ceased to work.
  5. hi, i got a small question regarding the Thumper mod... when i first installed the mod, i got like around 5 thumpers within 20 minutes, but after that none would spawn even after a few days have passed. what would the rate for crashed thumper spawns be like? is it normal to not get any thumper drops within 5-7 days?
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