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  1. What do you not understand about my post? I really have never had to back anything up with any games I have ever played, except this one, and that is 25 years worth of games... I don't really care how old you are? You certainly have a white knight issue going on mate. Blame the player for the game's faulty system...
  2. Considering I have been gaming for around 25 years and have never had an issue where I "needed" to back up game files, even with all of the early access titles I have played, then I would conclude that it is the game that is the problem and not merely a "save all files regularly" issue. I did a search on this problem and it has been around since the inception of the game. In 7 years they couldn't have fixed this?
  3. I totally have to do that with every game I own that has been in "early access" since 2013... Oh wait...
  4. Didn't know I had to back up my save on stable. Great game...
  5. Gotta love it when your dead is dead character at day 61 got reset to level 1 with tutorial on stable.
  6. Gotta love it when your dead is dead character at day 61 got reset to level 1 on stable.
  7. Some tests on my channel. I was interupted by a call from my son, but he takes priority of course 😛 Shotgun Messiah - Time to clear for agi build full stealth 40 minutes 20 seconds. 300 9mm, 150 7.62, 20 shotgun, 10 crossbow bolts. Time to clear for Run and Gun 26 minutes and 27 seconds. 250 7.62, 126 shotgun, 14 contact grenades. The agi build run was my high tier dude with t5-t6 weapons. The run and gun was my dead is dead playthrough with low tier gear, pump shotgun... With auto shotgun and a better m60 with more points, the run would be dramatically faster as well. Maybe 10 min
  8. I am doing tests for time to clear, survivability, resource costs, and ease. Agi stealth is at a huge disadvantage in every category. On top of the abilities being completely useless on blood moons. Another huge detractor. Also, I don't die running stealth. Many people do, so there is that for you.
  9. I am so sorry that no one wants a balanced game apparently. I am sorry that you do not care about higher difficulty. I am sorry that you play on easy mode. But you need not write something like this my dude. It was quite pointless. Everyone else is basically making the same argument over and over again. I don't see you critiquing them, which is entirely possible to do.
  10. So I need to lower my difficulty in order to play an agi stealth build? That does mean it is quite unbalanced you know. It is easy to slaughter everything with run and gun on insane. So stealth just doesn't work at this difficulty?
  11. I can run and gun, kill everything extremely fast, one grenade to kill a room, and have heavy armor with insane survivability. Stealth is supposed to be completely subpar, with garbage survivability, and take an extremely long clear time? Seems to be to be completely unbalanced and useless. Hell, it even takes more resources since you aren't using grenades which are cheap to make.
  12. I did the run at night and I didn't use any lights nor did I bother using my night vision. It cannot even come close to run and gun. I stream 7dtd and I will link the test.
  13. I just tried it again. Half the rooms in shotgun and shamway will aggro after you kill one or two zeds with a crossbow or silenced sniper. Then you have to either shotgun or mp5 everything (slower run and gun basically) or run and hide which works maybe half the time with de-aggro, then start again. If there are many zeds, you have to do this 3 or 4 times to actually stealth kill everything, which makes the clear maybe 10x longer than run and gun. There are aggro rooms, which will automatically chase you, then you have to run and hide again to stealth kill instead of just throwing a grenade or
  14. There are a lot of rooms in t4 and t5 that auto aggro... Hell, the zeds wont spawn until you enter the room sometimes. Open a bathroom with 5-7 in there at a time. What are you talking about?
  15. Lol I don't die very often. I play dead is dead. You certainly do not play on insane nightmare... Heavy armor keeps you alive for a long time my dude. Do you not know how to mod properly or something? Maybe you don't use meds? I also did give it a try. With the auto aggro rooms, aggro from outside, and the fact your damage is quite garbage with pistols and bows, it is pretty worthless. I went full t6 light armor, full mod for stealth and armor, agi build, and was caught and aggroed on all the time. You have to basically block a door and throw grenades when that happens. When you can heavy armo
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