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  1. it runs fine in single player or if I join another player it runs fine there too. Where would the bad install be? On their server? I have wiped the server info and started from scratch multiple times on the server and on my pc.
  2. Have never played mod before today. When playing SP no problems loading. On dedicated server I got them to update their files today to latest. I have a fresh install of game and mod along with fresh server installs. While loading it gets errors: ERR Loading prefab "trader_joel" failed: Block "DFSpawnGuardFemale1" used in prefab is unknown. then it says skipping it followed by what seems to be multiple of the same for other traders Then ending with this error ERR NCSimple_Deserializer (ch=0): EndOfStreamException: Attempted to read past the end of the stream. Stays hung up on creating player Tried finding other comments with same error but nothing that I saw. Used one comment about nuking everything including steam. Followed that and tried again but same result. Any ideas or help would be grateful. I am a dedicated server noob but have been working it all out pretty successfully for vanilla. I did see others playing the mod but each of their servers stated vanilla files as off but mine says on no matter what I change. Maybe has something to do with something but again no clue.
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