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  1. Well I was going to just edit my previous comment to avoid spamming/bumping the thread, but after some confusion as to how I even do that, followed by some research, I guess that's not possible anymore. Anyway, kind of inconvenient but that's neither here nor there. What I wanted to say is that my server admin decided to try deleting power.dat anyway, which is fair since he's the one who did the wiring this time around anyway. It's a really good thing he made a backup of that file first, however, or we'd be pretty miffed right now. In the future, when giving such advice, please
  2. Thank you. I will relay the message. However, I'm unsure if we'll be deleting that file because 1. it would be a pain in the rear re-wiring everything and 2. I imagine that's only a temporary fix considering we've had this same problem happen on two different worlds (hosted on two different dedicated servers, mind you). As for the failed prefab loads, yeah I saw that too and rolled my eyes. I think next time we won't be trying out player-made POIs because most of them are pure garbage anyway from what we've seen.
  3. I believe this is the right file. Bear in mind, looking through it the first 1/6 or so is irrelevant stuff from a single player game before joining the multiplayer server. The actual error messages start to appear maybe 2/5 into it, or nearly halfway, and is easy enough to locate using Ctrl + F and searching for NullReferenceException. The server is now using some mods and custom things but we were using no mods back when this bug first surfaced for us on a previous 19.0 server so I don't believe there is any correlation there. output_log__2020-10-17__16-06-17.txt
  4. Wouldn't you know it, horde night of day 175 was giving me the error spam once again. I don't understand why it's been fine up until this point, then out of nowhere rears its ugly head again. Two other players were present and they were fine; it was only me with the console taken hostage. Please let me know if there's any pertinent details to provide.
  5. We've been playing in a new world of 19.1 for a while and have done several horde nights using electric fences without anyone in our group of five getting the error messages from them. Admittedly we aren't using very many fence posts this time around but I thought I'd at least give an update that we've encountered no issues with the newer world. Still no idea why we had the problem in 19.0 before 19.1 dropped 'cause I don't think 19.1's patch notes actually said anything about fixing it, but whatever. I'm just glad we've been able to make use of electric fences without someone getting the shaf
  6. As of yesterday we were still playing the same game world as before. It's just that we stopped using electric fence posts for horde nights shortly before the 19.1 update to avoid the crippling bug happening (still had some fence posts around the home base but never had a problem with them). Coincidentally, it looks like our group is keen on starting a new game soon, so I will be sure to push to try out electric fence posts again in that one and let you know if we encounter any more issues with them!
  7. I had this issue crop up twice on a private multiplayer server with some friends. Here is the thing: the console error spam happened during the week before the latest update to 19.1. The server was created on A19 (b180) and the errors happened on that very same version. For reference I had detailed the situation in a Steam post merely trying to find a possible solution to continue using electric fences. I'm not quite sure what the problem could be if it isn't tied strictly to continuing an old save, but I wish you guys the best of luck in getting this one resolved.
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