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  1. Hi guys! If you like the food truck, then you can build it. Materials used: Car Wheel Flat - 4pcs Concrete 1/2 Block Trim Split - 6pcs Widow Store One Sided Empty - 4pcs Widow Store Four Sided Empty - 1pcs Commercial Door 2 - 1pcs Metal Stairs - 1pcs Wooden Sign 1m - 1pcs Duct Soft Corner 2 - 1pcs Sidewalk Curb - 1pcs Sign: Shamway Sale - 1pcs Concrete Half Plate - 1pcs Soda Fountain - 1pcs Corr.Metal Ramp Incline Half 1 - 2pcs Industrial Light - 2pcs Cash Register - 1pcs Water Cooler Bootle - 1pcs "Wet Concrete Block" Wet Concrete Corner Ro
  2. Hi Fun Pimps, Could you tell me, please? Do you plan to expand the color palette? Please add many different paints. Builders ask for a lot of paint
  3. Could you please do more paint and textures.
  4. I built the house myself ...
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