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  1. At least he doesnt threaten to murder you :v Is there actually a way to make him get better reputation with you? becouse ive heard some voice lines with the same trader rekt voice, but they are much nicer...
  2. I was playing modded and noticed that with the human pack mod, you can kill bandits and get the pvp achievments
  3. Just noticed, while switching weapons the player actually does make the intended sneaking animation! but only for 2 seconds...
  4. So i was sneaking arround with my friend on the new update, but i noticed that the sneaking animations were actually (in my opinion) worse than before? I noticed that the player now also has animations for the top part and bottom part of the body, and when sneaking the top part stays normal but the legs crouch down, making for a very weird looking sneaking animation. In the past the characters would also bend their back over to decrease the height even more, would love if that was reimplemented! Or maybe im just the only one who doesnt like the new sneaking animation?
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