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  1. Hello, I have a problem : i make a third caracter and game had no problem. But today, new thing appear : i take a quest, activate it. When i kill a zombie with my pump cannon, cursor don't move anymore after and i'm stuck in this position. output_log__2021-01-01__17-49-15.txt
  2. Yes, now i see behind door. But i hope it's splash demolisher zombies damage. Strange case, yesterday that was blood moon and wood blocks that make the floor was damaged and two reinforced wood blocks becomes wood blocks only (and yes, they was reinforced wood blocks before). I don"t use turrets, only blade trap that are on groud, around the tower.
  3. Yes, it's not with the splash damage of big zombies : it's just i repaired them and later (on or two days) i see sometimes 4999/5000 or 4587/5000 etc... and i don't know why. It's not breaking when i place then, it's later. What do you mean with "mark the spot on the map ? Yes, i thought that but they loose life after repair when blood moon was finish : splash damage cover large area but can they touch blocs behind the door after the first range of wall ? And when i land with gyrocopter on top of tower (or crash because i train to land), this can make "jerk" who touch blocks below ?
  4. Hi, I have built a tower with two range of blocks for the wall. But i don't understand why : the blocks on oustide loose life (or durability) without reason : i don't dig (i had dig before build the tower for underground wall) and i have stop to land with my gyrocopter on top on tower (for be sure it's not when gyrocopter land on tower that make that). So, why my block (concrete mix) loose life ?
  5. Hi all, I searched on net but have not the answer : demolition expert skill (in perception tree) affect explosive arrow damages ?
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