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  1. i totally agree, the only real obstacle to that is the fact that at the moment, the game is not terribly well optimized, its better than it was, its way better recently, but work still needs to be done. but i totally agree and would love infinite worlds, or functionally infinite worlds with some kind of chunk loading code like in minecraft. i think a good way to do this is to take the grass objects that we punch for plant fiber and get rid of them, and make the topsoil that is grassy act as the new plant fiber source, where you punch it once and get some fibers and it reverts to normal dirt
  2. airframes aren't subjected to the same sheer forces tools would be, significant forces sure, but not the same, and the reason they would use it is because of its relative strength/weight ratio, but what you're suggesting has nothing to do with aircraft, and there's alot of good reasons people dont use titanium to make tools, cost being a technically irrelevant one to this conversation, but its lack of viscosity being one of the major ones. and i dont want to make up excuses as to why it wouldn't work, i'm just saying it wouldn't because realistically it just wouldn't. the reason it seems off f
  3. realistically if you want upgrades to the normal steel tools, the different alloys and treatments of steel should be the first logical step towards that, such as tool steel (steel alloyed with molybdenum) tempered steel, and certain forms of stainless steel like 2cr13 stainless. tungsten and titanium are just impractical for normal tool/weapon/armor uses.
  4. i should have said "repetitive sheer forces" then obviously it can withstand a great amount of stress a limited number of times, but that limited number is lower than something with more viscosity. and obviously a thick piece like that will be more resilient to falling apart the way actual plate armor could, given that real armor would not be nearly that thick for many logistical reasons, not least of which would be rarity and cost, but also it would defeat the purpose of using a lighter metal, but a thicker piece of titanium is only a band aid for its over all brittleness, repetitive concussi
  5. with the right editing prowess you can easily edit the x/y coords of each player save, i've tinkered with this some just for fun, and you can even find exact coords for buried treasure in that same file (provided of course that you read a treasure map before you opened the save)
  6. i think its an engine limitation
  7. i mean i carry around stones, but i imagine the subtext here is that these other noisemakers will be vastly superior to the stones for distraction purposes
  8. either an alternate build for vehicles that run entirely on battery power that require some kind of recharge at base, or manual recharge with a kinetic generator, or a mod that retrofits a vehicle for such, possible solar capable vehicles that require some time in the sun for any decent charge to get around people just putting away a vehicle the moment they dont need it, making people more realistically building a garage or charging station for their cars.
  9. actually titanium is stronger than steel, about 60% the weight, but its brittle, so you'd more than likely have it as a more powerful tool thats less durable and swings faster/uses less stamina. realistically titanium doesn't make terribly good tools, weapons or armor, its best used for structural bracing due to its overall strength, but its fragility makes it weak to sheer forces that normal tools would be subjected to.
  10. that'd be pretty cool. i think TFP are still trying to hash out zombie aggro, so i imagine they would like to do this but have to make sure zombie AI works properly first.
  11. if the servers are all controlled by a single host then you could just copy/cut the player files from one server to the next, an ingame means of doing so sounds like it would take alot of effort to bridge 2 servers, and then safely move character files from one to the other.
  12. could treat it like minecraft and use it make a sort of utopia base, or some really crazy awesome looking structures, your own town, something like that. but there's nothing wrong with just not being into sandboxes though.
  13. my idea is simple, take the grassy dirt blocks and give them a degradation block change when you punch them, and make that degrade block drop plant fiber, and just remove all tall grass blocks from the game. make the grassy dirt blocks adjacent to any plain dirt blocks cause them to regrow the grass on the plain dirt block over time, the same way minecraft does its grass growing thing. this should represent a massive improvement in FPS for the game.
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