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  1. So, a friend has created a dedicated server but we are experiencing a minor issue with access. - he has set up the server on a separate laptop to his main pc - it is the latest version of the standard/basic game without any mods running on windows 10 - anti-cheat is enabled, we have a password to access Issue is as follows - while the dedicated server is running but he is not logged in the game with a character, the server is still visible to him on the public server browser list but not to me - I am also unable to enter the game by direct IP address at this stage - when he starts to enter the server on his main PC the server will then become immediately visible to me on the list and I can enter the game without issue and without needing an invite etc. (he doesn't need to be fully in game for this, his PC just needs to be in the joining the game stage for that server) - he can then log out, close the game at his end, leave the server running, and I can continue to play without issue and without out him either online or in-game. - if I then exit the game the same issue immediately occurs whereas I can not locate the server on the list or log in by direct IP until he re-enters the game again. I can only assume it may be a settings issue but cannot find this specific issue in the forums or any other source. Will be able to get server/game logs or other setting info from him if required Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  2. cheers heaps for that, will copy paste this to the server administrators and give it a go. Thanks heaps.
  3. I apologize if this has been answered in many previous posts but I am new to the game and rent a server so that my friends can play as well. On a related topic Steam auto updated my game to 19.1 but the server is still 19.0. Administrators did update it at my request to 19.1 but it completely wiped all of my 19.0 progress and we had to start fresh. I have since had the server backdated to 19.0 but cant play atm as the game is still 19.1 Is there a way to update the server to 19.1 and retain progress or does it automatically wipe your previous game and start fresh with each update no matter how minor (like the 19.0 to 19.1 update)? I would have assumed it would only start the game from scratch with each actual version update ie 18 to 19. ? Many thanks for any reply that can sort this for me. Cheers
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