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  1. oh fuuuu... i am finally able to travel the wasteland and don't want to restart atm. otoh i don't want to miss the fixes ... are you sure?
  2. Few hours ago Khaine mentioned: I even stayed with 60 min days, so I could not level too fast with too less loot. As I play solo, "Adventurer" as difficulty is hard enough for me.
  3. Maybe you can upload the logfile?
  4. As I am playing through DFalls-Large1 solo, I wanted BDubs MD500 Heli to explore this huge world. In his Mod "Bdubs Vehicles" he has a progression.xml especially for DF, with which one can get the vehicles including the MD500 from the creative menu, but not loot or craft the parts. It still outputs errors, as shown here: ----cut here --- 2020-11-22T13:22:13 233.999 WRN XML patch for "loot.xml" from mod "Bdub's Vehicles" did not apply: <append xpath="/lootcontainers/lootgroup[@name='vehiclePartsTiered']" 2020-11-22T13:22:15 235.300 WRN XML patch for "progression.xml" from
  5. Okay, so I spoil your fun: TraderBobMasterMechanic TraderBobMasterScavenger TraderJenMasterScientist TraderHughMasterHunter TraderHughMasterLaborer TraderJoelMasterSurvivalist TraderJoelMasterSecurity TraderRektMasterFarmer
  6. Not tested, but you may try to delete your player-profile in c:\Users\[Accountname]\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\Saves\[Mapname]\[Savegamename]\Player\ (backup it first). Your profile should be re-initialized when you start the game next time.
  7. that's easy: You and your friend install vanilla 7d, patch DF, one of you starts a game (just normal, not as server), the second joins by the game's name, which makes this game a server. The second of course can only join/be in game as long as the first keeps the game running.
  8. Since 3.2a i cannot make bullet tips in big and advanced forge. The Error reads "not necessary tools" although i equipped all tools in the forges. Looks like it cannot accept the toolbox. It worked in 3.2. The small/primitive Forge does make tips otoh.
  9. Try https://kui.github.io/7dtd-map/ . It's made for vanilla, but worked for me (had to use Chrome as browser, though).
  10. I downloaded and decompressed flawlessly with WinRAR. Maybe you use an older Archiver, which cannot decompress Files >2 GB? Removed.
  11. I think he asked for DF for A19.1, and there was of course a version? I put it in google drive here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kPE7St_eqFFeS6-Zp2-qOP9iXCQsFOBu/view?usp=sharing I had to zip it again as I deleted the original archive, so if I were you, I would double check it for malware. @KhaineGB, if there is a reason not to share this old version tell me pls and I will delete it.
  12. > Thanks. I actually fixed some localization stuff for 19.2 so i'll have to do a diff compare. Hi KhaineGB, I diffcompared the versions, so the attached file should include your fixes and my german translatations. Pls check. @German players: Copy the attached Localization.txt to "DarknessFalls - A19.2\Data\Config\" to get slightly better german localization. Localization.txt
  13. Hi KhaineGB and german speaking Players, I edited several hundred german translations in /data/config/Localization.txt including some of the most important about classes, etc. While I did it mostly for myself and my family pls feel free to use it for you. I hope it's in time for 19.2. Down here I added the contents in a spreadsheet with green markings on my edits for an easier review. Have Fun! Localization.txt 7d2d-Localization.xlsx
  14. Okay, LibreOffice can export unicode. But trailing commas are lost, so I am not sure what happens to other translations. German users may try Localization.txt, as it contains some hundred translations. I welcome bughunters Localization.txt
  15. The localization to german is often faulty or hard to understand, so I decided to help a bit and correct the Localization.txt. To do that I imported the textfile into excel for easier translating and eventually I corrected maybe 10 percent of the DF-texts (wow, long way to go!). For a first look I attached the spreadsheet. My Problem: when I export the spreadsheet as comma-seperated file, 7D2D will not even start, the screen stays black forever. Any hint on how to work with translations? Edit: I Think I got it: Excel can't handle Unicode. WTF, Microsoft, we're in 2020!?!
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