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  1. Nop, I precised that the nitrogen map was a vanilla prefabs, no extra POI and default params
  2. Recently I noticed that my server was heavy CPU on idle when no players connected. About 120% ( CPU is 8 cores so the max is 800%). When someone connect, the CPU usage becomes again normal ( ~30% ). This occurs after using the CPM resetrwgprefab or resetregionnow. Since it's a self hosted machine, it make me crazy to see the CPU usage was higher than 5 players connected all the night and I investigated a lot to find the issue. It was a 10k map with vanilla prefabs, with default nitrogen parameters. So I wiped and removed all mods then ran « rrp » : same behavior Then I generated a new 8k nitrogen map with default params : same behavior I finally generated a 8k RWG, ran « rrp » and the CPU usage is now stable. The server now have better server FPS and players didn't complain anymore about lags/fps drop even with 18/18 players connected. Even the bloodmoon is better on RWG than nitrogen. There is clearly a huge performance issue at this time with nitrogen maps on multiplayer. I spent 12 hours trying every cases to find out this. I even tried on a different machine to ensure it was not my hardware/software setup. If you want to reproduce : Generate both 8k RWG/nitrogen map, run cpm-resetrwgprefab, disconnect and watch the server CPU usage. You don't need any players to test, it happen on fresh map without building. When you host your own dedicated server, it is not negligible, it consume power for nothing (and decrease the hardware lifetime) I love nitrogen, maybe it's time to opensource the code to allow people see what happen, improve things and have an up-to-date software without waiting for months. Thank you for your work, but for now I don't recommend nitrogen anymore.
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