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  1. no. the serve started on 19 on pregen 3 and is now on the latest patch but the fences were build before the update, ripped out since and replaced but error keeps happaning. if it helps i can open the console even when something is not touching the fence and it has no power and spot the error in there.
  2. yes i have a fence setup and there are loads of other fences on the server to. also yes i do get the error as soon as something touches even when it's a noter player (tested it) does it. i did since the last post rip up my fence and the biggest other fence we had on the server and replaced it but still get it...
  3. oh ... well i'm on a MP server so that's going to be a though sail for everyone. and i take it that error is related to electrical things then?
  4. hello there. so i and others on the server i play on get 2 errors that opens the console and every 1 sec after we close it it pops up with: "Physics.physX QuickHullConvexHullLib::findSimplex: Simplex input points appers to be coplanar." and "Particle system is trying to spawn on mesh with zero surface area" i get that error when i'm in my horde base. makes it impossible during blood moon to defend since i shoot a bullet then console opens, i spam esc, shoot 1-2 bullets and console is open again. i would love to play during BM so what can i do to fix it?
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