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  1. Unfortunately not. The super auger currently does not spawn naturally at all. I mostly forgot about posting this so I haven't been working on it recently. I would be willing to make it either lootable for q6, or craftable with maxed out miner 69'er. Preference? I did not add it to loot because I thought that finding all the diamonds required was part of the challenge to earn such a powerful tool, but maybe you see it differently. Thanks for playing with it!
  2. This is my first released modlet and I am looking to learn more about 7 days modding; suggestions and feedback are encouraged and welcome! This modlet adds a Super Auger, essentially a buffed version of a normal auger with higher block damage. It uses the auger model in-game and the auger icon with a green tint. The recipe is unlocked by Miner69r level 5, although I originally planned to make a schematic for it. The <append> tags were not working for some reason and I was getting the yellow error text. The Super Auger recipe consistently requires 10 raw diamond, and much more steel and motor tool parts than its vanilla counterpart. TLDR -Super Auger go munch munch on rocks and dirt -Unlocked by Miner69r lvl 5 -recipe needs more steel and motor tools parts + 10 diamond -Kind of needs more features to be relevant but its ok(I'll call it a WIP) You are free to do whatever you want with this within The Fun Pimps' rules. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1cq2ntKvSMOXF0A6x-kw7Ca5iVQHwMYWq?usp=sharing Click download all in the top right and unzip the file, then place it in a "Mods" folder in your 7 days game folder Feel free to make suggestions about literally any changes. I'm just in it for the experience and I might even change the color if you're cool enough...
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