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  1. SphereII thanks for the Modlauncher. It saves my sanity as I try to get my extended and sometimes very distant family playing mods together. The mods and Fun Pimps do update frequently so I know sometimes that it is challenging to keep all of that up to date. What I find most useful and helpful it the text in the MOD boxes. I am not sure if you are the mod creator keep that up to date but when it say.. MOD built for 19.2 version XX that helps. As fast as Fun Pimps put out new versions it sometimes causes wrong version to be downloaded but this allows us to use mod launcher and easily fix t
  2. So that would entail a delete downloads and then a reinstall? I assume since I have SAVE ALL GAMES LOCAL TO MOD I don't want to do a delete complete. So if I just delete downloads and then reinstall the latest experimental I just be updated and my save game should still be there? Thanks for the help and a great tool.
  3. Probably a basic question but I read through many pages and didn't see an easy answer. I use 7d2d mod launcher for many mods and it is awesome. I want to use it for playing a game with a friend on a19 experimental. It doesn't seem to autoupdate when experimental updates. What do I need to do to update to latest experimental? (I am also hosting the game) I thought about redownloading but I don't want to wipe save games. Thanks
  4. Summary: (a short description of the bug) They have changed the XBOX controller mappings for moving forward and backwards. Game Version: (A18 b155 / A18.1 bxxx / etc) 19.1 B8 Platform: (PC / Mac) PC OS/Version: (Windows / Linux / Mac) Windows CPU Model: (Intel i5 9600K / AMD Ryzen 7 1800x / etc) Intel i7 6800K System Memory: (4 GB / 8 GB / 16 GB / etc) 64 GB GPU Model and VRAM: (nVidia GTX 1060 4 GB / AMD RX 580 8 GB / etc) GTX 1080 8gb Screen Resolution: (width and height) 1920x1080 Video Settings: (Low / Medium / High / Ultra / Custom (
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