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  1. I agree with the OP. I was impressed when I saw a reflection of another player behind me in the scope of my rifle. Isn't RT still only in preview with Unity? I would expect TFP wouldn't bother until after it was a natural upgrade for the platform. MC RT started as a mod. It would be great to see that happen here as well if it was possible so TFP could focus on improvements that apply to a larger audience.
  2. I did. With just the new ammo in inventory it would do nothing. With both old and new in inventory it would load the old (Robotic Turret Ammo). I just updated to 19.1. I'll try again and report back.
  3. I have crafted AP Robotic Turret Ammo and Robotic Turret Shells. They don't load in a level 1 Robotic Turret. What do they go in?
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