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    Creator of the 7DTD cheatsheet and Bingo game: [url=https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-KA2lx42Lt8c0JXcVZLaDVFRGs/view?usp=sharingLINK[/url]
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  1. Awesome post(s) by thorntree. Can someone point to a game that they feel is doing PVP right other than a game that only exists to PVP. I mean a game with the elements that 7DTD esposes; survival, crafting, and 'tower defense' for lack of a better word. I'd love to PVP in this game but it's the griefing and the steep curve whenever you start from behind that kills it. Short of 'gentlemens' agreements' what are some ways to keep it competitive without the sort of all-or-nothing blow outs? It seems a little contrived but I think something where different factions or clans on a server
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