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  1. well removed all low hp blocks or fixed them, was running around the top of the base where the smg turrets are, and it froze up again, electric fence sound still going but nothing else, so I dont think its down to the smg turrets Also I have just tried it with all traps with no power, and it still froze up, pretty sure it may not be electricity trap based freezing, maybe its a certain zombie that it fails to load in?
  2. Only got a couple smg turrets, will do another round of testing with them off and I will kill the voltures instead
  3. Hi, I have been having an issue with my game, night 49 horde starts fine, but then randomly during the night the game just freezes. I can hear electric fence sound which is frozen loop kinda thing I have tried the save on a different computer and still does the same. It can happen at any point during the horde night, I have seen it happen a few seconds into spawning zombies which then only trip wires are on, or have seen it happen after half hour I do my best to stand still and not move the character for most of the tesing Could it be
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