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  1. I just upgraded from 19.3 to 19.4. I completely uninstalled 7 Days to Die and deleted all files and folders that were in the folder, then reinstalled the game to ensure a fresh and clean install. I use the Mod Launcher to play various mods so for obvious reasons I prefer playing Darkness Falls from the Mod Launcher and it worked perfectly fine for my playthrough in 19.3. But now, when I am loading the game, during the loading sequence when it says "Initializing World" a pop-up window for Unity Player, and the game crashes to desktop. Anyone have a fix for this or know why it is happening?
  2. Thanks for the response Stallionsden, I appreciate it. I do have a question though. You said that the CP comes with a prefab list that includes the vanilla and the prefabs. Then you say to copy the three txt files into the nitrogen resource folder. Is that correct, or did you mean copy those txt files into the 7 Days to Die resource folder?
  3. I've been using Nitrogen now for about a month and I can't figure out how to make a new map that includes vanilla (Alpha 19.3) POIs as well as PreFabs on the same map. I would really appreciate any help anyone could offer. Thanks in advance!
  4. I can't help but think that since your first line of code effects entitygroup="ZombiesAll" that it overwrites the entitygroup="ZombiesNight" as well. Second line of code should remedy that by changing ZombiesNight a second time but I'm thinking that it is not applying the second line of code. Before you changed <spawn maxcount="6" over to <spawn maxcount="1", did you notice a difference between how many zombies were spawning during the day versus at night? One would think that a 66% increase between daytime spawns and night time spawns would be pretty noticeable. If you can't see a difference in the number of zombies spawning during the day and night from your first block of code, then you wouldn't see a difference between day and night in the second block of code where you lowered daytime spawns and left night time at 10. Just my thoughts on it, but it seems to me like your second line of code is not being applied in either case. Though I could not tell you how to fix it if that truly is the case.
  5. If you guys remember, JaWoodle stated in one of the more recent episodes of his "Silent Hill" series, that KaineGB fixed the screamer code so that they can actually call in zombie hordes. With that being the case, you might be best off directing @KhaineGB to this thread and seeing if he an shed some light on what he did to fix this.
  6. I would try removing the completion type from the quest and then load up the game. Worst case scenario, it errors out and you need a different idea. Best case scenario, it doesn't give you an error and it works. I guess the actual worst case scenario might be that you get no error, use creative mode to get the quest, do said quest, and get nothing for your efforts. What I like to do is to have a "Test" game save that I hop into and out of as I make changes to my mods to see if they are working, and more importantly, working as I expected them to. Hopefully though, just removing that will do the trick. Though you may need to remove that from all of the challenge quests, I honestly don't have a clue how to use the "contains" parameter in XML yet. I'm pretty new to this myself.
  7. Ok, if I understand you correctly, you want to know how to check all items to see if the 'Material' is 'MMachineGunParts', then, if that check is true, change the item needed to repair it from 'RepairTools' to 'gunMGT1AK47Parts'. Is that correct? Even if I am not understanding you correctly, I do not know how the xml coding would work for that. Sorry. What I would do as an easy fix, though perhaps not an optimal one, is make sure the code I gave you works for one item. Then duplicate it for any weapon that you want to use AK47 Parts as the ingredient to repair it. Again, it may not be the optimal way to do it, but it would at least get it done.
  8. I'm new to this myself, but I will try to help the best I can. If I'm not mistaken, your code should be something like this: <config> <remove xpath="entitygroups/entitygroup[@name='ZombieScouts']"/entity[@name='zombieScreamer']/> <append xpath="entitygroups/entitygroup[@name='ZombieScouts']"> <entity name="zombieBurnt"/> <entity name="zombieSteveCrawler"/> </append> </config> If I am correct, and have read your post correctly, the code I have provided will remove the Screamer Zombie from the group "ZombieScouts", then add the Burnt Zombie, and Zombie Crawler Steve to that group. As far as how to adjust how many zombies spawn I have no idea how to do that. Please let me know if you figure that part out, and if my code helped you.
  9. Just figured I would pop back into the thread to let you guys know, I got the display properties working for my new shades! It doesn't list all the stats, but it shows me the important ones so I can tell which pair will be better. The only thing left to confirm is that they are dropping in game. Since I fixed the issues with that block of code I haven't really seen many glasses drop, maybe 2 or 3 total, so we're still testing that. On a side note, anyone have any ideas how I can maybe use creative to spawn in a loot container that has a chance of dropping eyewear? Or know a way that I can maybe force them to spawn so I can verify that they drop?
  10. That worked! Thank you Ricowan for your help. Now the new shades are in the game, they "should" drop in game, I still need to verify that but that could take a while. Now it's just a matter of getting the stats to show up on the shades in game. The stats are applied to the shades just fine, they just are not listed on the display when you look at the shades in game.
  11. Update, changing the root node did fix it, partially. Now I get an error stating that there are multiple instances of groupApparelFaceCover. Just to see if that was going to be the only issue, I commented that block of code out, and it gave the same error, except now it said sportingGoods. I checked through the loot.xml file for the Vanilla game, and there are exactly two groupApparelFaceCover, one that defines <lootgroup name="groupApparelFaceCover"> and one that adds that loot group to <lootgroup name="groupApparelClothes">. It is a similar situation with <lootgroup name="sportingGoods">, there is the block that defines the lootgroup, then there is another block where the lootgroup is added to a loot container. Vanilla loot.xml references: <lootgroup name="groupApparelFaceCover"> Defines the loot group on line 1307 <lootgroup name="groupApparelFaceCover"> Added to loot group on line 1337 <lootgroup name="sportingGoods"> Defines the loot group on line 2868 <lootgroup name="sportingGoods"> Added to loot container on line 3845 Again, I am trying to get my new item to drop in the same loot containers that would drop the other glasses in the game. All of the other glasses are part of three loot groups. <lootgroup name="groupApparelFaceCover"> , <lootgroup name="sportGoods"> and <lootgroup name="clothingTestLoot"> I'm at a loss right now and I assume that without getting this code to work, the only way I will ever see my new shades in the game is by using Creative Mode to get them. I'm sure I am missing something, but I have no idea what it could be.
  12. I'll give that a try when I get home. Thanks for the idea. Will let you know how it pans out.
  13. Thanks Ricowan, I noticed that shortly after I made this post. I fixed the code to be: <SuperShades> <!-- Append loot.xml file to get new Super Shades to drop. Added New Super Shades to all loot groups where other eyewear is located. Presuming that by dong this, the new Super Shades will have the same chance to drop as all other eyewear? --> <append xpath="/loot"> <lootgroup name="groupApparelFaceCover"> <item name="apparelSuperShades" mods="dye" mod_chance="0"/> <!-- Add Super Shades to groupApparelFaceCover lootgroup --> </lootgroup> </append> <append xpath="/loot"> <lootgroup name="sportingGoods"> <item name="apparelSuperShades" prob=".7"/> <!-- Add Super Shades to sportingGoods lootgroup --> </lootgroup> </append> <append xpath="/loot"> <lootgroup name="cothingTestLoot"> <item name="apparelSuperShades" mods="dye" mod_chance="0"/> <!-- Add Super Shades to clothingTestLoot lootgroup --> </lootgroup> </append> </SuperShades> No more errors, but now I get WRN on all three <append xpath="/loot"> lines of code and they do not get applied. So it's "fixed" yet still not working. I'll have to dig deeper into the loot.xml file of the vanilla game to try and figure out what I am doing wrong. I have looked at other mod's xml files for similar stuff, but that's how I got to where we are right now. lmao Thanks again for any help you all can offer.
  14. Ok, need some help ironing out a couple of issues with a mod I created. Basically, I made an item called SuperShades that combines all of the eyewear except the Night Vision Goggles into one set of glasses. They work, I can get a pair through the creative menu, but nothing shows up on the display to tell you what stats they effect or by how much. Also, the name that pops up in game when hovering over these shades is apparelsupershades instead of Super Shades. Here is the code for it. Would greatly appreciate any assistance with this. <SuperShades> <!-- Create NEW Super Shades! In-Game icon will be the same as "Shades". To be put in items.xml --> <append xpath="items"> <item name="SuperShades"> <property name="Extends" value="apparelShades"/> <property name="DisplayType" value="apparelSuperShades"/> <property name="CustomIcon" value="apparelShades"/> <property name="EconomicValue" value="1500"/> <property name="CustomIconTint" value="30,30,30"/> <property name="Tags" value="head,clothing,canHaveCosmetic,noMods"/> <property class="UMA"> <property name="Overlay0Tint" value="30,30,30"/> </property> <effect_group tiered="false"> <passive_effect name="ModSlots" operation="base_set" value="0"/> <passive_effect name="AttributeLevel" operation="base_add" value="1" tags="attIntellect"/> <display_value name="dIntellect" value="+1"/> <passive_effect name="AttributeLevel" tags="attFortitude" operation="base_add" value="1"/> <display_value name="dFortitude" value="+1"/> <passive_effect name="AttributeLevel" tags="attPerception" operation="base_add" value="1"/> <display_value name="dPerception" value="+1"/> <passive_effect name="AttributeLevel" tags="attAgility" operation="base_add" value="1"/> <display_value name="dAgility" value="+1"/> <passive_effect name="AttributeLevel" tags="attStrength" operation="base_add" value="1"/> <display_value name="dStrength" value="+1"/> <passive_effect name="CraftingTime" operation="perc_add" value="-.2"/> <passive_effect name="PlayerExpGain" operation="perc_add" value=".15"/> <display_value name="dCraftingTime" value="-.2"/> <display_value name="dPlayerExpGain" value=".15"/> <passive_effect name="LootGamestage" operation="base_add" value="3,5.2"/> <passive_effect name="TreasureBlocksPerReduction" operation="base_add" value="-1"/> <display_value name="dTreasureBlocksPerReduction" value="-1"/> <passive_effect name="BarteringBuying" operation="base_add" value=".2"/> <passive_effect name="BarteringSelling" operation="base_add" value=".2"/> </effect_group> </item> </append> </SuperShades> Second half of my issue is the loot.xml file I created to, in theory, allow the new shades to drop in game like the rest of the eyewear. For that, I get an error code with the following xml file: <SuperShades> <!-- Append loot.xml file to get new Super Shades to drop. Added New Super Shades to all loot groups where other eyewear is located. Presuming that by dong this, the new Super Shades will have the same chance to drop as all other eyewear? --> <append xpath="/loot"> <lootgroup name="groupApparelFaceCover"> <item name="apparelSuperShades" mods="dye" mod_chance="0"/> <!-- Add Super Shades to groupApparelFaceCover lootgroup --> </append> <append xpath="/loot"> <lootgroup name="sportingGoods"> <item name="apparelSuperShades" prob=".7"/> <!-- Add Super Shades to sportingGoods lootgroup --> </append> <append xpath="/loot"> <lootgroup name="cothingTestLoot"> <item name="apparelSuperShades" mods="dye" mod_chance="0"/> <!-- Add Super Shades to clothingTestLoot lootgroup --> </append> </SuperShades> The error states that the lootgroup on line 3 does not match the closing /append. I tried changing line 3 to be <lootgroup name="groupApparelFaceCover"/> fixes the error, but I get three WRN messages, each one stating that the <append xpath="/loot"> was not applied. I'm guessing I get 3 warning since I actually changed lines 3, 8, and 13 since I figured all 3 would error out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. There are many blocks in the game that we only have access to in creative mode. In all honesty, if I need to fix my house because zombies broke it and I don't have access to the block I need to fix it, I'll activate the cheat menu, find the block I need, make the repairs dump the extra blocks that I nerfed in and turn of creative mode. I'm guessing that there is probably a mod floating around that gives you the ability to make these "missing" blocks, but I have not looked for it.
  16. I'm not sure where to begin for the next thing I want to tweak. If you guys might be able to point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it. First, some quick backstory. While raiding POIs I'll go from room to room doing my best to clear each room with stealth attacks. With alpha 19 and 19.1 though, there are times when the zombies do not spawn until you are inside the room. Its as though there spawn isn't being triggered when it should be. This issue is especially prevalent when dropping into a room from the floor above. For instance, I will use arrows to open the zombie cabinets and the cabinet will be empty. The room containing the cabinet will not have any zombies in it either. As soon as I land in the room, the zombies spawn. Where would I start looking to modify this so that I can make sure the zombies spawn into a POI before I walk in? Basically, I want the whole POI to spawn its zombie inhabitants all at once instead of room by room. Or at the very least increase the distance that the spawn spot triggers at and spawns in the zombie.
  17. Got what SHOULD be a quick and easy one for you guys. Looking to have traders restock daily, since they say they get new stuff every day I figure its high time they actually do. While I'm at it, since it's the Zombie Apocalypse, I figure the traders should have extended hours and be open 24 hours. That said, does the following code look right to you guys? I'm not at home and cannot test it right now. Thanks. <!-- Changing the reset interval for traders using OR. Trader IDs are 1 = Joel, 2 = Jen, 3 = Player Owned Vending Machine, 4 = World Spawn Vending Machine, 5 = Rented Vending Machine, 6 = Bob, 7 = Hugh, 8 = rekt. --> <set xpath="traders/trader_info[@id='1' or @id='2' or @id='6' or @id='7' or @1d='8']/@reset_interval">1</set> <!-- Remove Trader open and close times to make the trader stay open 24 hours. --> <remove xpath="traders/trader_info[@id='1' or @id='2' or @id='6' or @id='7' or @id='8']/@close_time"/> <remove xpath="traders/trader_info[@id='1' or @id='2' or @id='6' or @id='7' or @id='8']/@open_time"/> P.S. I already have these changes modded using individual lines for each trader, but I wanted to see if I could get it to work with the use of OR. Thanks again!
  18. Ok guys, please disregard my previous posts. With some trial and error, and some help from KhaineGB, I figured out how to make it work. The main goal of my mod was simply to stop the shotguns from demolishing wooden buildings while raiding them. That meant I needed a way to drastically lower the damage to wood. Here is the code I came up with to make it work. <!-- Line 1 changes the block damage of the shotgun ammo --> <set xpath="/items/item[@name='ammoShotgunShell']/effect_group[@name='ammoShotgunShell']/passive_effect[@name='BlockDamage'][@value='5.4']/@value">1.5</set> <!-- Line 2 removes the 3rd line of PASSIVE_EFFECT from the shotgun ammo. Since the third line is the one that directly effects damage to wood --> <remove xpath="/items/item[@name='ammoShotgunShell']/effect_group[@name='ammoShotgunShell']/passive_effect[3]"/> I figured there is no need to change the value of the second line of block damage, since it only added more block damage if hitting a wood block, and I needed to reduce the damage to wood blocks, removing that line completely works even better. Took me way too long to figure this one out, but I am happy that I stuck with it.
  19. Oops, missed the <append xpath="/items"> in the second block of code. Point is, that code was working before I started messing with it again. lol
  20. Hello everyone. I'm new to modding, and xml coding altogether really. I've been getting help from someone in direct messages and they provided me with a line of code that, in theory, will change shotgun ammo block damage versus wood blocks so that shotguns won't decimate entire buildings. The line of code I was given is: <set xpath="/items[@name='ammoShotgunShell']/effect_group[@name='ammoShotgunShell']/passive_effect[@name='BlockDamage'][@value='20']/@value">5.4</set> I tried it and it did not work. No errors or warnings, so I'm guessing it loaded without issue. I figured the value was still too high, since shotgun ammo damage is per pellet so I lowered it to .05. Still kills 2+ wooden blocks per trigger pull. Prior to trying the above line of code I had modded it myself using this code: <append item name="ammoShotgunShell"> <property name="Tags" value="ammo,shotgun"/> <property name="DisplayType" value="ammoShotgun"/> <property name="HoldType" value="45"/> <property name="Meshfile" value="#Other/Items?Misc/sackPrefab.prefab"/> <property name="DropMeshfile" value="#Other/Items?Misc/sack_droppedPrefab.prefab"/> <property name="Material" value="Mlead_scrap"/> <property name="Stacknumber" value="150"/> <!-- STK ammo low --> <property name="EconomicValue" value="11"/> <property name="Group" value="Ammo/Weapons"/> <effect_group name="ammoShotgunShell" tiered="false"> <passive_effect name="EntityDamage" operation="base_set" value="11.2" tags="perkBoomstick"/> <passive_effect name="BlockDamage" operation="base_set" value="5.4" tags="perkBoomstick"/> <passive_effect name="BlockDamage" operation="base_add" value=".05" tags="wood"/> <!-- This is the damage value I need to change --> <passive_effect name="RoundRayCount" operation="base_set" value="10" tags="perkBoomstick"/> <passive_effect name="TargetArmor" operation="perc_add" value=".4" tags="perkBoomstick"/><display_value name="dTargetArmor" value=".4"/> <passive_effect name="MaxRange" operation="base_set" value="10" tags="perkBoomstick"/> <passive_effect name="DamageFalloffRange" operation="base_set" value="5" tags="perkBoomstick"/> <passive_effect name="EntityPenetrationCount" operation="base_set" value="2" tags="perkBoomstick"/> <passive_effect name="BlockPenetrationFactor" operation="base_set" value="51" tags="perkBoomstick"/> <passive_effect name="SpreadDegreesVertical" operation="base_set" value="4.5" tags="perkBoomstick"/> <passive_effect name="SpreadDegreesHorizontal" operation="base_set" value="4.5" tags="perkBoomstick"/> <passive_effect name="SpreadMultiplierAiming" operation="perc_add" value="-.13" tags="perkBoomstick"/> <passive_effect name="SpreadMultiplierCrouching" operation="perc_add" value="-.05" tags="perkBoomstick"/> <passive_effect name="SpreadMultiplierWalking" operation="perc_add" value=".15" tags="perkBoomstick"/> <passive_effect name="SpreadMultiplierRunning" operation="perc_add" value=".3" tags="perkBoomstick"/> <passive_effect name="DamageModifier" operation="perc_add" value="-.8" tags="earth"/> </effect_group> </append> The above code worked perfectly, but after reading this thread I now know that the above code didn't actually overwrite the vanilla code, it just added a second instance of the ammoShotgunShell to the items.xml file. Does anyone know how to make the line of code that I was given work? I would love to use that since it is simple, easy, and clean. Please note that both versions of modifying the ammo were tested with Boomstick at max, with a Tier 6 Auto Shotgun with full attachments, and 7/7 shotgun messiah books. I have asked the person who gave me the code for assistance as well, but I feel like I am asking him for too much help, so I figured I would ask you guys too. Thank you in advance.
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