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  1. The controls for the duster bi-plane are absolutely miserable! Or am I missing something? It is possible Im an idiot😉
  2. Is there a way to make the mod show in English in the game? I got the mod in but seems all the description and schematic is in Dutch, I think....
  3. Found the problem, The ModInfo file was named Mod i nfo. The lower case 'i' was throwing it off. Working now =D
  4. Checked inside the mod and its just the files needed. No duplicates. Thank you for trying to help me BTW! Got any other ideas? Is the server side folder in the correct location?
  5. Yup thats exactly what I have for client side. Then dragged the unzipped mod folder into that Mods one.
  6. It is, to the best of my knowledge. I have it in Mods folder in both places but I think its the server side that is messing up. Using the FTP there isnt a clear place to put the Mods folder and so I put it in the 7dtd one....
  7. In need of help please. Iv downloaded the mod for Chicken Coop, unzipped onto my computer, used FTP to move it over to the server I rent using Filezilla and added it to the 7dtd folder in a created folder named "Mods". Then made a folder in the location mentioned in the How to Install section and placed the entire folder in there also for clent side. Restarted my server and cannot find the chicken coop anywhere. TIA
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