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  1. Small update, when a buddy of mine comes close and I get the exception, he gets it as well and we're both stuck with the console popping up. Also, another important thing, it's only with a few of them. I've replaced one electric fence that gave the exception, and now it doesn't give the exception anymore.
  2. I'm currently playing online and in my horde base i've got a few electric fences. If I walk through one of the active electric wires from the fences I get a nullreferenceException. And, if you get a NullReferenceException the console pops open. So guess what? You've got a game breaking bug because you're stuck in the electric fence, being electrocuted, and if you close the console it opens again because the exception happens when you're electrocuted. Here's the error from the log file: Same error seems to happen while zombies in horde night walk through the fences, no idea ho
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