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  1. Greetings, I have a question, what is the use of these items? gunBanditSMG5Hidden, gunBanditAk47Hidden, gunBanditPistolHidden, gunBanditHuntingRifleHidden, gunBanditMR10Hidden, gunBanditPumpShotgunHidden, gunBanditM60Hidden We use the Mod 0 CreaturePackHumans and have found that these items appear frequently in chests and character inventories. They spawn for no reason. Could I deactivate the items so that they no longer appear in chests and character inventories? We use the mod for our community Multiplayer-Server | Version A19
  2. Wow, I didn't get a message that you replied to me. yes, @Mihail that's what I'm looking for .. that you could plant underground .. that you could only plant with a torch or a certain "fluorescent light".
  3. Can be closed. The problem was with the Map size. Thanks @Jugginator for the quick help!
  4. Hello 7daystodie Community, I have a little .xml question. I have already invested many hours to find out for myself and have already achieved successes but not what I wanted. Therefore I ask you now and hope that you can help me further. Is there a passive effect, a property or something similar that simulates daylight? Or is there some other way to simulate it? I would be very happy about a positive answer from you. With friendly greetings Johannes
  5. hi, We have the following card problem on our Windows dedicated server. Before we render the map, we have a large wall chunk. See image. Is there a specific solution to fix it? All of our users have the problem. output_log_dedi: https://pastebin.com/FC0tzECe
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