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  1. I have now broken my league multiple times, never seem to get the achievement. Tried it on a server, on a singleplayer with all default settings, with godmode, etc. Never seems to work...
  2. In the context of the game, I would not be the one doing the chasing.
  3. Floods, Hurricanes, Earthquakes. I want mass destruction. Mother russiaNature wants revenge.
  4. I got some of em back in A17, but I don't think I have gotten any progress to them since. Not sure tho as I play this game on and off.
  5. I understand that, I meant in a lore kind of way. Probably should have specified but I get why game mechanics wise they avoid spikes. I'm just trying to understand why they would make it the way they did. I can't really think up a logical reason why they would make the spikes considered as solid blocks. Based off the movies and shows I personally have seen, zombies would just charge at spikes, and the one movie I have seen that they would probably avoid them in, putting the spikes on the floor would be no different than if they were waist height. Both would be avoided. I'm just trying to under
  6. I know people depiction of zombies are different. Personally I lean towards the slow braindead ones that are only a threat because of their numbers, not their wits. But one thing I think I have noticed in almost every zombie movie/game/show is that they generally don't have a sense of self preservation. The closest comparable thing to Zombies or a zeke virus is rabies, and animals with rabies don't care if they get hurt. Again, I know this depends on the person, but in my opinion they should not avoid spikes or barbed wire. If they can supposedly see to avoid spikes at their waist level, why c
  7. @pApA^LeGBa Will give it a try, that makes sense. I haven't played on default settings in a couple years lol. PvP ones are gonna be rough for me, not a huge fan of PvP. Especially not in this game.
  8. That's interesting, I haven't personally tried but I just assumed you fell through them, since I consistently have zombies at the bottom of my spike trenches despite the top layer being intact. Maybe they just glitched down, not too sure as I haven't been looking too closely. As for the zombies being able to see, thinking about it now, it makes sense that they can. In I Am Legend they clearly can see the guy through the glass. As for WWZ you have a point, that should have been air tight, yet somehow the zeke knew where the door was, my best guess is that either they can see, or the zeke could
  9. I doubt it, for me and most of my friends the problem with 7 days isn't our gpu's power, but our CPU's. Pretty sure that my cpu is bottlenecking my gpu, but I really only experience this problem in 7 days. Plus a good cpu can cost as much if not more than a good GPU. When I play 7 days my gpu runs at 50-60% whereas my cpu is at 90-100%. CPU: Ryzen 5 2600X Six-Core at 3.80GHz GPU: RTX 2060 Super. I primarily play the game on medium, just because I like to stream it and it's to cpu intensive, anything above medium and I always get the same framerate while stationary, which is about 50fps(
  10. In World War Z they are seen just throwing their bodies at people, be it through fences, doors or even vehicles(like when they tipped the bus over or scaled the wall). In the Walking Dead they are seen just piling up against walls and spikes, literally a few scenes where they literally just walk into a spike and get impaled trying to eat people. Only other zombie movie I have seen was I Am Legend and there weren't many moments where he had primitive traps like spikes, he instead had explosives, which they did not avoid. Not sure which movies you have seen, but I am now intrigued. Edit: Also
  11. That's what I find weird, why would they perceive them as blocks when you can't actually stand on spikes. You can pass through barbed wire and spikes, yet they treat spikes like blocks and not barbed wire? My opinion, but spikes shouldn't be considered as blocks. You can't stand on them, so why would they see them as an obstacle?
  12. Weird, Is there a specific way I have to break my leg? I have done it so many times. Got a lil over 300 hours and somehow haven't gotten it lol. Good to know though, thanks!
  13. It is curious that the spikes are treated like a block, but from my experiences the barbed wire isn't? Why wouldn't they both be treated the same, since you can walk through both. I like having trenches full of spikes, but I do believe placing spikes on the surface should work as well, sure it's less efficient but in the early game being able to just slap down some "oh s**t!" spikes would be nice. I know the game isn't going for realism, but if a zombie truly is braindead wouldn't it just walk towards it's target, regardless of what's in it's way?
  14. True, would make more sense if they added wooden arrows that were literally just sharpened sticks with feathers. Stone shovel never really made sense to me either. Yea in terms of realism the tools are interesting to say the least. I'm a huge fan of progression in terms of both tools and skills, and I think the game would benefit from more tiers of tools. Especially since the devs haven't added a late game yet and seem to be just trying to prolong the early game, more tiers of tools/weapons could really help with that, especially if done right.
  15. I couldn't help but notice that one of the steam hidden achievements is to break your leg. Something I have done a lil too often. Is it just that one achievement that is bugged or are there more? I would like to 100% the game and just get the achievements done.
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