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  1. Dropped bench CPU is culprit here im surprised, was sure gpu here is a problem. (usage = użycie forgot to swap from polish to english) Yea ofc fresh paste 😛 I will propably do last shoot with "something like this", but before will try to undervolt it a bit. It's first what i suggest in laptops :P, i stick with gaming/only nvidia gpu (here nvidia accept amd gpu too :D) profile. Actually got 3.5 GHz on that cpu with ThrottleStop its program for undervolting. Got -150 mV on Cpu Cache and Core. It cooled down temps so i stick in max 78 instead of 85-90. Cpu Clock stick now around 3,2GHz so i get like 10% more performance with that all. Summary got 60+ fps Graphic Options: Windowed 1600 x 900 Textures 1/4 Render range: Far/Long (forgot name) Range for grass: Medium Rest at lowest option Propably i will finish thread for now
  2. So it looks like that (in circle is place for air in). Have some time so will stress test now laptop
  3. That looks cool but that laptop have out flow on back so it's mostly impossible to get it in right position there.
  4. I never think about it. Will give it a try. I will try to stress test today or tomorrow because of work. I replaced thermal paste yestarday. Already thinking about colling system with laptop stand. Temps were never problem here it's old laptop and yea everyone know that laptops aren't good choose for games.
  5. So I did everything mentioned above + Every setting on low and playing in window 1600x900 (normally have 1080p) In the launcher i disabled gamesparks and Eac (i will play only with girlfriend so there is no need for anti cheat ;D) Tried start with render option Direct 11 (most stable 40-70) GLCore 30-40 more stable but when it comes to physics drops to 5-15 for few seconds) Vulkan 21-67 totally not stable for me (i saw that option as solution for few people) Fun fact still cpu 75% utilization on one thread, but its like 64% usage total. GPU is bottleneck here 100% usage so can't do more i guess Played now for like hour Game is more than less playable
  6. So there is new output.log and log from hwinfo. Got like 30-50 fps and it looks like that bug with newspapers etc on the ground just disappear output_log__2020-09-19__20-35-53.txt HWMonitor.txt
  7. I will but at least im playing more requiring games like Ark/Rust/DayZ without any problems 😕 Drivers are up to date everyone. For gpu it is 456.38 from 9/17/2020
  8. Yea i just missclick number was tired when writing 😐 No overheating temps are okay (did some undervolting for that) No viruses etc. I cleaned from dust for 100% sure it's not about temps
  9. output_log__2020-09-18__23-44-44 is from the night i mean irl output_log__2020-09-19__08-20-29 i disable everything in launcher and started it borderless looks sick (really low distance for render) but got 30+ fps idk how it would works with zombie etc. output_log__2020-09-18__23-44-44.txt output_log__2020-09-19__08-20-29.txt
  10. Howdy I back to the game after like year break. Still running on the same laptop as before...: MSI GE 72 6QD CPU: I7-6300HQ GPU: Gtx 960m 2GB Ram: 16GB SSD on sata and SSD on M.2 Actually two problems. Low fps like 20-30 on lowest setting it's like holy moly how and why it works that bad? Second one i see textures on the ground like newspapers, cartons and they are disappearing when i come closer see screnshoot (tried change all graphic setting and there is no connection between that)
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