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  1. How is the game unrecognizable? I still have the first bug that made me literally quit atleast a year or two in the game, which is basicly that minibikes (back then the only vehicle) keepd disapearing.... which was quite game-breaking considering the time it took to collect all minibike parts with decent tier quality. Meanwhile the issue still exist, but for all vehicles and additionaly we got as a flawed attempt to fix the disapering a "vehicle manager" that is broken and still makes vehicles disapear, or which is quite worse, duplicate the vehicle. Last time i tryd to pick up my bike i had to do this 12 times and had to clean my inventory of all the duped bikes.... I give you the point that it runs better than it ever has, but back when i was playing the first time i was convinced it was my laptop not being optimal for such game. Meanwhile i got a good computer and it runs for example games like GTA online in highest graphics with 120 fps.... so we also have here alot of space still, dont we? Of course comparing it to a top game might be harsh, allthough... they sold millions of copys meanwhile too and maybe should stop hiding behind the words alpha or early access, which i found a rather furstrating trend, btw.
  2. If you name a game "early access", it does not mean game-breaking bugs can or should be ignored for near a decade. I dont need a door to open, also literally the only post also mentioning the issues was ignored, neither is this the wrong forum, i want those issues adressed for A20 or even better today and not deal with this every damn day, it isnt even for myself, it is for the players that play the game, - and on my server mainly important, im the admin and can fix issues without help.... so im not speaking for me, im only starting after months of hosting getting frustrated that theres comin updates rather frequently meanwhile, but still not do any about it, instead we get new content or content removed... but the problems stay. I dont care about bugs that dont cost players hundreds of houres as a result, but when they do, they are game-breaking and should be adressed immediately. Its been years now, sorry but im starting to get literally old and losing my hair, how long do i need to wait to have these real issues adressed finaly? Before A18 the bugs existed too, so i dont really wanna talk about how much value i give to updates that dont fix the issue(s). And at anyone saying "early access", "Alpha" and takes this after years as a reason to cut talk about it off is simple not long enough arround and protecting the devs of the game they love, which is normal, but doesnt help anyone. I love the game too and thats why i posted, i could spend my time better, hell, i couldve played 7 days instead.
  3. Someone already mentioned and of course been ignored... and i really feel like the developers are a bit of...not so cool... for doing that, thats just my opinion tho. ->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FIX THE DAMN GAME BREAKING BUGS.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<- 1. The game is like out nearly a decade and i still keep spawning on wrong beds (specially in bloodmoon) <- Complete game breaking for ANY pvp server as it discovers other peoples bases or even allows you to raid your way out of theyr base, or even if you die, you get to know the location... 2. Vehicles keep teleporting away and duplicate (also with full inventory) <- Complete game breaking for ANY server, because people just duplicate a full inventory of dynamite, rockets or anything else they need... of course this is even worse for pvp servers. 3. Being able to push yourself under the ground with plant pots (or other blocks) and look where peoples base is <- Complete game breaking for ANY pvp server. These are just 3 of the REALLY GAME BREAKING bugs i quickly remembered that propably have already made a hundred of thousands of players quit your game, well perhabs milions as this game apparently sold 10milion or more times.... Fancy looking @%$# wont fix the issues, it will only temporary attract a few new peoples that ultimately will quit because theres still these bugs that make people lose hundreds of houres of theyr work into what they build, gather... etc. Also, with removing of the UMA stuff, i suppose serverside vehicles, zombies, etc will all be history.... and thats what keeps me playing currently. I am the owner of a PVP Server and had on the last map till its wipe arround 6000 profiles of players that played, arround 1000 times ive propably been asked by new people questions regarding these game breaking bugs, if i could fix it etc... my early answers usualy been "Well, the devs propably gonna fix it at some point", but to be honest, after person 500 and alot of time passing... i propably only gave answers like "Well 7days is @%$# coded" as i cant honestly answer to a person with fake or unknown infos anymore. This is just my opinion and currently nothing is convincing me that the gold version will have the game breaking bugs gone. Sorry if anyone feels offended, but seriously... how are such game breaking bugs not TOP priority for the next Alphas?
  4. Hey Liesel Weppen, my most answering buddy from across the border (im on the swiss side, right before the german border in "Wheil am Rhein".) In terms of legal... wouldnt a short check "Yes/No" before downloading a mod, with the warning to only download from trusted server-owners and that you basicly accept the risk that this 3rd party server provider possibly spreads malicious data erase the law sue issue? I can see also a note in the terms of use, that would protect TFP from sues would help, or am i thinking here wrong? Excuse me if im wrong or wasting your time buddy, just feeling like this shouldnt be just "checked off" quickly, as it is really something id love to see.
  5. Your right, i forgot about her^^ But this is the only one right? So wouldnt hurt that there would be added more (they even could be just alternatives of the existing ones, with brown/darker skin tone and a few different clothes/colors) I see, i dont wanna discuss long then about this, but... why hundreds of games do have this "feature" and why they made the decision here to not add this feature? If someone really wants to share viruses or illegal content, wouldnt he also be able to do that from a mod site where thousands of people already download theyr mods from? See csgo : You just join game, download all content and start having a blast - i dont understand the "excuse/answer" that your telling me honestly, isnt there ways to prevent that? Or how do other games handle this? Because i really dont think we should even when the game is "finished" still need to download from 3rd partys to get a mod.
  6. Hi all! I was wondering firstly... why is there no black zombies? Not even a mexican zombie with a sombrero that is SLIGHTLY brown... they are all white. Im not black or hispanic/brown skinned, im totaly white, but even i miss diversity in skin colours of zombies. I dont think it would be hard to actualy give some of the zombies a brown skin tone and give them a few different clothes, i literally could mod this myself, but the big reason 7days has no huge modded servers (aside of xml changes) is the need to externally download mods, rather then join a server and the mod gets automaticly downloaded and deployed in the proper mod folder. So what this game needs in my opinion : 1. All colors of humans/zombies 2. Mods should be downloadable via server - rather then the need to manually install. Regards, Mousebots
  7. Black Death Server has now introduced the Demolition Zombie into the wasteland and uses a special EntityGroup of zombies, designed for making the wasteland even more dangerous! Happy zombie hunting Regards
  8. Hello all! On request of the growing community, we have made our first discord channel! https://discord.gg/kPcAKC6 Regards
  9. Hello all! On request of the players, i have modded certain stack sizes. Every stack has been individualy rebalanced, but nothing is higher then 2x to not give you endless inventory space. 2 examples : Ammo stacks now up to 300. Ressource stacks that were 6k have been changed to 8k. Im also happy to announce that the server has finaly a solid playerbase, which guarantees alot more fun! Regards
  10. Hey, just a small input/idea - Have you asked the host/admin to send you perhabs the map outside of the game and you put it manualy in your folder? That way you maybe can join and skip the download. Regards, Mousebots
  11. Glad that worked out for you. Well for him it worked and for me it isnt required anymore, as it worked for me due to having the experimental already the a19.1 b8, but reproducing and resigning from beta etc, that didnt work for me anymore, so i really dont know what happened this update, these things worked better before^^
  12. What you suggest, worked before, but not now anymore... i dont know why, but thats how it is and thats why i think this exp to stable is a mess lol
  13. Thats really unfortunate. I hope TFP reads these topics and also the many discussions in steam where people had big issues too for this push from experimental to stable.
  14. Actualy that is also the case for me... i just checked. I just got lucky that i installed the 19.1B8 Experimental via latest experimental before they pushed it to stable. I readed somewhere to resign from beta programms... have you tryd that too?
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