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  1. Do the guns appear in loot or are they trader only? Are they tiered? Trying not to break my early game with a day 1 M4!
  2. Putting some black dye in the guns helps a little.
  3. Maybe set the spawn chance to a lower percentage? Form 0.5 to 0.3 ? Not that I would know, but that seems to be where the issue is occuring.
  4. Ok, down loaded your gun mod. It's sick man. Gun textures are the best I've seen so far. For goodness sake keep working on this!

    1. rickyralph


      Thank you, but the textures are not my own. They are free assets on unity. I imported them into unity, setup the animations, the hand and mod placement, and the xml files are my work. I do have some more in the works but they are still a work in progress.

    2. leatherwolf2000


      I would be more than willing to purchase a larger pack in the store if it helps. Let me know what I can do. I could also probably get my hands on good sound files if needed. Anyways, thanks for the work.

  5. Any chance of a comprehensive re-issue of this mod with the fixes mentioned above? Not sure what to do with them, replace existing xml? I think the mod would be accessible to more people who are intimidated by going into the config files or such, while simply putting something in the Mod folder is easy enough. Really like the mod and appreciate the effort in keeping it alive, just wondering if somebody can pull of a bit off QoL.
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