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  1. I've done a few clean installs(deleting all files) and the game HAS worked before but as soon as I log off that session and try to play again I get the crash. I also updated my graphics drivers and unfortunately got the same result. I'm completely puzzled as to what is causing this.
  2. Here is the output log: https://pastebin.com/uFxq9YKF My specs are GTX 1060, i5 8600k @3.6ghz, 16gb of RAM.
  3. Hi guys for the past week I've tried to play this game but I'm plagued by the same crashing problem no matter what I do. The game will begin to load everything and right as I'm about to enter the game all the audio shuts off and I'm sent to my desktop. I can provide the output logs or additional info but if someone can please help me out it'd be much appreciated. Game also instantly crashes when I hit the "Join Game" button. Here are things I've tried to fix this issue: Verified integrity of files, force DX10, other stable clients(anything before 16.0 works), cleaning all game d
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