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  1. I would suggest updating the TIPS when loading. So new players know that being in a city in very dangerous. And that restore power quest needs extra preparation or they will have a bad time.


    But the issue of the difficulty brings one of my favorite things about this game. The customization. You can tailor the game experience to whatever you want.

    Too hard? Lower the difficulty. Still too hard? Make zombies walk all the time? Or raise the loot percentage. And so on.


    That could be in a TIP too.

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  2. I really hope for more zombies in the future.

    Having back the Cheerleader and the Football player would be nice too.


    I would love to see some variation of the ones that we have. Like a few more police officers. Maybe a thing one and a female one.

    And a fat construction worker, maybe carrying an auger that could destroy blocks fast. And a variation of the office zombies, maybe females one.

    Some more snow themed zombies would be lovely too. Maybe people with winter clothing.

  3. I use the lockable inventory slots. Is a gamechanger. (By the way, when we gonna have a search function in the boxes, Pimps? Please?)


    Also like Sam's working stuff. Having to use the campfire when I already have a nice kitchen is a serious letdown.


    I'm waiting for my next playthough to use the 2x zombie spawns and the mod that reverts farming to it A19 way. The new farming is pretty annoying with the replanting.

    Want to try also the mod that makes wandering hordes bigger. I want to try something like that series that JaWoodle played, in DF, but not with DF.

  4. 10 hours ago, pApA^LeGBa said:

    Well if someone doesn´t like farming then simply don´t do it.


    You can easily get meat and canned food by just playing the game. Until i have a farm up, i simply kill everything i see on my way, stop for farms or houses with pigs and other animals and buy from every vending machine i happen to see, while doing quests/looting. And ofc you find food when looting. I never starved and i have loads of meat.  


    Farming is a guaranteed income of good food with low effort. Ofc you need to invest points if you want it to be profitable, that´s just fair tbh. Reseeding literally isn´t an issue. 2 mins if you are slow (for your food needs, ofc longer if you want sell food and need a bigger farm)


    I can live from 25 plots, 10 each for corn and potato, 5 for coffee and 10 mushrooms. I could feed 2 more people than just me with that.


    Not sure yet if i will get pumpkins later, but as said, they are rare, so i still have time left to deceide that.

    Yeah, I'm not doing it. I get more than enough food from the vending machines and hunting.


    The thing is that I liked in A19. I don't particularly need then. But I just liked slowly working from a few seeds into a little farm.


    16 hours ago, meganoth said:


    Not getting crops back does still mean that finding seeds is pointless as soon as you have a farm of appropriate size.


    My idea is for the harvest is just leaving new seeds in the ground when you get them. This way the reseeding work is effectively halved. But obviously with the current system the half of the seeds you have to craft from produce need to be planted by hand.


    Nothing wrong with reching the point where you don't need the seeds anymore.

    That happens with all the loot.

    Once you have good T6 gear you don't need those loot anymore.

    Once you have enough crucibles you can yeet them from tall buildings.

    And so.


    Of course, to make seeds valuable you just need to tweak the values until you reach that point. Like the amount of veggies needed to make a seed, the amount of crop received, and so.


  5. The thing is that is still easy to get even more food mid/late game. But more annoying, because you need to replant every harvest.


    I wish they would had tweaked the old system, instead of killing it. I would  had prefer to have higher materials cost for the plot, longer waiting times between harvests. Maybe chances to not getting any crop with no points in LotL. Or maybe needing to have water nearby for the crops to grow.


    But the constant replanting, not fun times.

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  6. On 12/26/2021 at 7:30 AM, Yamamoto80 said:

    This is a bit late and rather off topic... but for those who are experiencing a drastic spike in food usage, I recently found out that the Healing Factor perk can be the culprit. While I have played around 2000 Steam hours of 7DTD (Since A13 or 14 I think?), I never realized this when the park was added. The tooltip specifies "This perk does not work while you are starving" but I had always thought it was designed to stop healing you otherwise you wouldn't starve to death from damage. It seems the mechanic is similar to that of Minecraft, where is drains your hunger bar to replace your health bar.

    Just wanted to chime in since I saw some people talking about severe hunger. If the Devs could update the tooltip with the words "drains hunger" I wouldn't be upset xD Anywho, I'm rambling... Carry on! ^_^

    That's why I never took that perk now. I prefer to die being ripped apart by an horde of zombies, but not starving!

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  7. Yeah, I was so happy when they changed farming in A19. Finally I actually used farming since, well, forever.

    Sure, the system could had been tweaked increasing the farm plot costs, or the growing time, or adding irrigation, or tweaking the yield taking in account the points in LoTL.

    But was nice. And actually enjoyed working slowly to have my farm.


    And then in A20 they bulldozed the entire system.


    Sad times, sad times. I don't want to replant my crops every single time.

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  8. Because is nice? I like to make big farms. But I hate replanting the seeds.


    Anyways, if you get the 5 corns, then you can make a seed. Then plant the seed. If you have the mats for the plot. Else you must wait to get those. When you have those you can plant your seed. And wait until you get 5 corns. And so.


    It's time consuming. Eventually you get to the lots of food stage. But with the current system is the same. The only difference is that you must replant every time.


    And I'm not angry. It's just that I don't want to replant the seeds every time. Is annoying.

  9. Yeah, not a fan of the HP changes either. Now the poles are made of paper.


    Farming is more or less the same. But more annoying. With all the replanting.

    But for food, the good old meat will never let you down. Boiled meat, grilled meat, Bacon and Eggs. Who needs veggies!

    Just be sure to kill every living thing you see. And keep an eye at night for those delicious wolves and bears!


    10 hours ago, pApA^LeGBa said:

    Not going into the block discussio here. Had enough of that on the steam forums.


    There is plenty of food until you can get a farm going. Not a problem at all in SP.


    The farming however is fine. Just did my first harvest in SP. (Finally, had to start over 2 times and was busy in MP) On day 22. Replanted every seed i got from the harvest, crafted seeds so i have the same amount of plants as before. Then i went cooking. And i have more than enough for a week. The good stuff. Gumbo, Spaghetti, Shepards Pie, Meat and Hobo Stew.


    Farming is fine. You need to invest points and you need a bit of patience though. You are not gonna get a huge farm going that delivers endless food before your first horde. Those days are over.

    Huge farms which deliver endless food before the first horde? How?

    Took me weeks to get a little farm running. Big ones were like late game goals for me.

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