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  1. It's quite simple really. It's the last and now only resource that requires an extra transformation layer, and I would imagine that developers have been bitching about it for some time now, wondering why the hell they have to maintain this extra transformation stage just for Iron. It can be difficult to maintain a single chunk of non-dynamic code (by definition, a control structure, that may have been considered dynamic at one time, maintained to service only one single scenario is no longer dynamic), especially if the code base isn't optimized to begin with. It also doesn't help that the only purpose of iron ore was to be transformed to iron. Some developer saw an opportunity to throw a pain in the ass piece of code in the wood chipper and took advantage of it. It was optimized out. That's the reason.
  2. R0bb0b

    Rob's Modlets

    The 4x4 truck feels much better now. The only issue that I run into is that it gets stuck doing a doughnut every once in a while so you have to let off the gas a little when taking a turn at full speed. I might look at increasing the torque a little. I'll also probably increase the motor cycle speed as well.
  3. R0bb0b

    Rob's Modlets

    A18 modlets - https://github.com/R0bb0b/7dtdModlets: [table=width: 500] [tr] [td]RobFasterMotorCycle[/td] [td]increases the top speed of the motor cycle by 4 points and makes the bottom speed the same as the top speed so there is no longer any need to hold the sprint button.[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]RobFaster4x4[/td] [td]increases the top speed of the 4x4 truck by 10 points and makes the bottom speed the same as the top speed so there is no longer any need to hold the sprint button.[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]RobFasterNailGun[/td] [td]Increases the speed of the nailgun from .73 seconds to .2 seconds[/td] [/tr] [/table]
  4. R0bb0b

    My first Modlet

    The only modlet here is to increase the Nail Gun speed for A18. Increases speed from the .73 seconds to .2 seconds. https://github.com/R0bb0b/7dtdModlets
  5. Fixed, broke, what's the difference? It's been a part of this game for a long time and added an awesome verticality aspect.
  6. Looks like the Pimps broke the hatch elevator. Anyone know of a workaround outside of modding?
  7. They should charge for the final release if you ask me. I would pay just on principle, even if I never touched the game again.
  8. Haven't read the diary so I don't know what's coming. I've been on board for a long time and I hated A17, at which point I felt that 7days had thrown away half of its identity. I hope that comes with some excellent improvements and something new to bring to the table. If not, I probably won't come back, and I know that many others feel the same way. Sorry, maybe I should have added a little beating around the bush. This is my "just sayin"
  9. The last time the reviews were this mixed was back when the pimps initially introduced upgrading scrap iron blocks to concrete and not since. Not before either, and I've been watching since A9.
  10. I would prefer option 1 allowing for more freedom for the user, which is never a bad thing.
  11. This is great, thank you. Ended up removing all zombie nerfs, headshot damage, bow damange, crossbow load time and a couple other things. Removed level gate for the first 2 tiers of everything and dropped level gate of everything else about 50%. Waiting for someone to migrate the recipes back into books and find a fix for this one dimensional progression. May be an endless battle and a lost cause with how TFP are trying to constantly mainstream the game lately.
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