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  1. Yeah ended up testing the system a while ago and it seemed to handle at least 75 zombies pretty fine with 1 player. Haven't tested with more as my friends and I are currently focused on other games atm and exams rip. I can't imagine having any server lag issues, but I am almost certain the CPU will not be what bottlenecks the system if it does due to the slow HDD. Cheers for the responses.
  2. Yeah I can relate to this. I am running on Linux, and using GLCore gets me around 70-90fps whereas Vulkan will average me from 100-120fps, BUT I get these weird frame skips every few seconds even though my framerate doesn't visibly drop. Freezing also seems to happen after any sort of extended amount of time playing while on the Vulkan API. Also noticed very high VRAM allocation (don't know the actual usage) around 7GB. I have an Nvidia GTX 1080, a Ryzen R5 3600 and 16GB of 3000MHZ RAM just for reference, and my Nvidia video driver version is 450.66. I have heard of better experiences with AMD
  3. Cheers, yeah tested earlier today on my work laptop to gauge CPU usage and whatnot. It has a little Intel i3 10110U and only 4GB of ram lol with an SSD, but surprisingly handled me messing around with up to 100 zombies (didn't bother testing the limit) while still maintaining around 30FPS on the server. Quite surprised it handled it so well considering the lack of RAM, but the SSD almost definitely came in clutch with the pagefile, but the CPU seemed more than capable. Have not tested with multiple players, but I imagine that would add more stress to things like the RAM so 4GB is certainly too
  4. Planning on building a server by mashing old hardware together and was wondering whether anybody knew if an intel i5 4670 (around AMD Ryzen 1500x or Intel i5 6500 performance) paired with around 8GB of ram running Linux would cut it. Server details would include 3-4 players, 16 zombie bloodmoon count (PER PLAYER) and default 12 view distance. The only thing I am really concerned about would be the 7 day horde with up to 64 zombies when 4 players are on, no too sure if that CPU would cut it. FYI I would be planning on using this for other purposes other than 7DTD (unlikely at the same time), b
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