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  1. Confirmed. I used to Mod and Edit 16 and 17, Once 18 released, I stopped editing files and just went with simple mods, but used to the server files were all there. I appreciate the assistance, I Was able to locate it thanks to you.
  2. Hey I apologize if this is really Noobish, But where do we put the file? I have searched all over my PC for my Server Information Files, and can't find anywhere that they are. I have also been looking to Edit the Number of Claim Blocks that a person can have on a server, and I can't find the Server Information files to edit them. So far, I have checked Documents (no 7 Days to die Folder), Steam/Steamapps/common/7days to die (No server Information, or Assembly CSharp files), and User\Appdata\roaming\7daystodie (No assembly CSharp, or Editable Server Info files) I don't have too much Experience editing, however, I can use Notepad++ and common Sense to deduce what adjustments do what. However, I can't find where to put this file. Any help would be appreciated.
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