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  1. @RipClaw Thank you! I will try that mod. Is there a way to get the enemy progression increased earlier/faster? @Pico I think the most powerful is the strength perk tree. After gaining the 4 points for the starting quest i put points into pummel pete, mining and sexual tyrannosaurus. I often die when gathering things in houses. This often is a death trap if not having an exit. I always have a couple of woodframes in your toolbelt (to reach a roof or an exit) and some woodspikes (if there is more than one zombie you can place it and it will support you when while walking around the spikes).
  2. Hi everbody, its not easy to talk about, because it is not easy to explain and my motherlanguage is not english. So i will give my best to explain my problem. First of all i will honor the developer and the community for the unprecedented masterpiece 7 days to die. I baked this game when i firstly read, and played every version for lot of hours. I always was expectant, when a new version was announced. This is the only game I know which makes so much changes and adding/removing gameplay elements to create really the best survival game at all. I think I can say, I really love this
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