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  1. Yes, those are soft warnings. There is nothing I can do about that since TFP hardcoded the audio files to be used with the Auger/Chainsaw. If those sound files were tied in the XML like everything else, I would be able to modify it to not throw that warning.
  2. Greetings fellow survivors. I've created 3 different mods for the Auger/Chainsaw sounds that were modified in Alpha 19. These are only intended as a temporary fix until The Fun Pimps split the audio properly. What I mean by this is, the Auger and Chainsaw are tied to the "Bullet Impact" sounds in game. Which means the Auger/Chainsaw "impact" sounds also affect any Bullet Impact sounds. 1) No Hit Sound (Remove the Bullet Impact Sounds from Auger/Chainsaw/Guns) 2) No Hit Sounds While Crouched (0 Impact Sound generated when you are crouched) 3) Reduced Hit Sounds While Crouched (10% Impact Sound generated while you are crouched) These are Modlets, so they just need to be unziped in your Mod Folder to work. If/When The Fun Pimps correct this issue while the mod is installed, the Auger/Chainsaws will start making the proper noises again, but the guns bullet impact will still be affect. I also created a YouTube video showing the crouching mods in action if you are curious: https://youtu.be/BqT__I_0lzc I'll gladly answer any questions you may have. - Mala Zedik No Hit Sounds.zip No Hit Sounds While Crouched.zip Reduced Hit Sounds While Crouched.zip
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